Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Soggy Hot Monday

Opted Out

Was thinking about doing something with the Boys, but it was hot and humid all day. I'd been steamy in my classroom, so I was also kind of worn out.

Nothing of substance to report, of course. I don't even think the Boys managed to do much interesting. They were just hanging out when I got home and not very involved in anything exciting.

Guess it's OK to have days like that now and again, although I have a bad feeling I'll have a lot of them this summer. There is rumor of another heat wave coming.

But late last night into the early morning hours, a weather front came through in a fairly noisy thunderstorm. There wasn't much rain--enough to wet everything down--but it seems to have washed away the humidity. It felt really wonderful outside this morning.

However......school is still in session!! It's the last day and I have to go back tonight for graduation, so I am going to be pressed for time again. It all depends on how early I get home after the ceremony as to whether I will have a chance to work a horse. I might have some time in the afternoon, but again the weather and heat will figure in.

When I was younger, I wasn't such a wimp about the weather. I rode in the heat, the cold, and sometimes even in the rain. Stacie and I have often discussed the idea that when we boarded our horses out we were much more likely to ride them. We decided that combining a drive to the stable and the financial expense of the board, inspired a certain committment keeping them at home doesn't demand. It would take me twenty five minutes to drive to the barn. If I didn't do something productive with my horse, the trip would have been a waste. Now, it takes me all of two minutes to walk out to the barn. Somehow it's just too easy to say, "Oh, I can ride later if I feel like it."

Then again, back then, I only had one bad knee and it wasn't much of a problem. Since I've had the Boys at home, I have wrecked my other knee, had surgery on it and redamaged the other bad knee so it too needed surgery. Sometimes I just can't drag myself up on a horse.

As I've said before, I don't think the Boys mind much. They seem pretty happy just lounging around.


  1. I seem to have lots of days like those at the minute but im pretty certain the horses dont mind in the slightest:)
    I used to ride in all weather's not anymore.

  2. Ugh heatwave, please no.