Friday, December 08, 2006


It's Happened Again

The week before my trainer is supposed to come down to give lessons, and I end up flattened with a migraine, preceded by several days of a miserably sore neck and meetings I needed to attend.

So, guess what! Tucker hasn't been worked since Tuesday when I long lined him, and Chance hasn't been worked since Sunday.

I don't really worry too much about either one, however. Chance is a quiet fellow and doesn't have enough training to show off. As for Tucker, he has more than once proven he is quite a solid ride after some time off. He's pretty fit, so he won't get worn out, and I am sure he will do all he is asked. It's nice to feel confident about it all for a change.

Then again, Chris, my trainer, is coming to my house, if plans work out as anticipated. (It will all depend on how many of his other students can ride since at least two horses have been laid up for at least a month with injuries.) It is hunting season, and if the deer hunters are out and about, that may distract Mr. Easily Amused Tucker. (Does that spell MEAT?) Chris drives down from Massachusetts, some 5 hours, to train us, so it's not worth his while unless he has a full schedule. Here's hoping as I am not sure the weather will hold for another shot at lessons at my house until Spring. This is the only way he can teach me on Tucker and Chance and give Kelly, the young rider from the farm across the woods a lesson as well.

In the meantime, the heavier weight orange sheets were much appreciated last night as the mini snowstorm blew in. Who knew? It was cold enough for winter blankets this morning, but the sun seemed to be warming things up again, so the sheets stayed on. I keep hoping the other set of lightweight orange ones will show up soon. They would be perfect over a blanket.

Don't know if Iwill ride today either. It all depends on whether or not the winds have died down. I can't tell much from my tiny windows here at school, but the tree branches still seem to be dancing.

Just my luck.

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  1. Anonymous3:55 PM

    oh dear. my ma used to get them, horrid things.... hope you're pulling round ok