Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Back in the Groove--Maybe

Work and an Unhappy Morning

I lunged Tucker and Chance last night at about 10 PM. I do have lights in the ring, and having the horses home does have its benefits.

I'd done some Christmas shopping after school and I got my hair cut, so by the time I got home it was dark. Then I had to wait an hour after I fed the Boys before I could do anything. So, I ate my own supper as time ticked by.

Tucker was great, with none of his bucking nonsense. He had started to pick up that habit on the lunge and would break away from me to gallop off with the line trailing. I am hoping he has decided to give up on that one.

Chance was a little angel. He lunged nice and forward in both directions for a good stretch. He did take the wrong lead several times on the right, but it was easy to correct. I guess, like most horses I've known, he is "left hoofed," and just is more comfortable on the left lead. He actually looked quite comfortable going on the right, so I don't see it as a big issue. Since he's not yet ready to canter under saddle anyhow, I'm not at all worried.

Toby gave me a scare this morning. He was pawing a bit in the stall, then he went out to roll before he finished his breakfast. Then he lay down in his stall, and later went out to the pasture and lay down again. Colic.

I called the vet, and called school to tell them I wasn't going to be in in the morning.

The vet got here in about 40 minutes. Sure enough, she found a big gas bubble in his intestines. We decided to be extra careful, the vet gave him a small dose of banimine and then we tried to tube him with mineral oil.

That did not go over well.

Toby is generally a star for the vets. Tubing was apparently over the line. AS Dr. Perez tried to insert the tube in his nose, he get more and more angry. I knew, even with the twitch I couldn't hold him and he had backer her into a corner. I've also seen him strike with his front hoofs when he gets really mad about something, so with discretion the better part of valor, we decided to stop.

Dr. Perez gave him a sedative. In a minute or so, Toby's head was nearly on the ground. Even then he resisted the tube, actually refusing to swallow it. Somehow, with me braced under his chin to hold his head up, the doctor managed to get the tube down into his stomach and administer the drench.

I watched him for about 45 minutes after she left and he seemed to be feeling much better, so I headed off for school.

Believe me, there will be no errands after work today as I will head straight home to be sure my Boy is OK.

The last time this happened was right before a major snowstorm struck. It can't be the weather this time as it's clear and sunny today.

Here's hoping all is well.

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  1. Anonymous2:45 PM

    oh dear. do hope he's ok .... at least injury to you & the vet were avoided....but i guess he's going to be leery of vets bearing tubes from now on !