Saturday, December 09, 2006


Day to Play

Chris didn't come today. Karen's horse is still not quite up to par after being lame and Michelle isn't quite up to riding at the moment. That left too few of us for it to be worth the trip.

Fine by me as my day was growing more confusing as it went on. I spent the good part of it wondering whether or not the repairman was coming to fix my gas fireplace--again. So I cleaned up a bit only to find a credit card bill I had neglected to pay on time because I was having the neck and migraine problems. I sorted that out, fortunately, and began to do a bit of cleaning---far more neglected than the credit card bill. Then, Nick, the young man I've hired to do some work called to let me know he would be over in about an hour.

So, I was stuck at home. Waiting for something to happen.

Nick called again to tell me he was lost. He's still not familiar with the roads around here. A bit later, I called the gas company to find out if the repairman was really coming--which he wasn't--and then finally made it outside to do horsey things.

Nick's arrival circumvented riding for a time as I had to supervise him into beginning the job of leveling at least one stall and resetting the rubber mats. Over time, the stalls had developed sunken places. I had to get him his tools, try to find a pair of gloves that fit him--never did--and then help get the stall stripped.

Finally, with the day waning fast, I saddled up Chance--who kept trying to "help" Nick, and give him a short ride. Still no luck on getting him to drop his head, but that will come with time and patience. I think I need to long line him a bit more.

Tucker was waiting for me when I got back into the barn. So I saddled him up. Whatever was on his mind I'll never know because when I put my leg on, he balked. When I pushed some more with a totally loose rein, he reared up a bit and still wouldn't go. So, I turned him around and offe he went on the left rein. He was still off and on a bit crabby but did some most obedient work overall.

I am just a little concerned that his hind feet may not be completely comfortable. I had his hind shoes pulled with the last shoeing, hoping for a bit better traction on the ice and snow--should we have any. He may not be quite solid on them. The ground has been frozen for at least two nights now and with all the hoofprints left in the mud hardened into bumps, it might have given him some discomfort. I'll keep an eye on him.

The temperatures are going up again this week. Hopefully I'll get some good rides in.

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