Friday, December 15, 2006

Still Not in the Saddle

Wasting the Weather...

...but it just seems every day brings something new to do.

Yesterday, I was back at the chiropractor. My neck is getting better, but it just keeps going out. It's something I do when I am asleep. I'll get adjusted after school and then I am going to try wearing the neck brace/collar tonight to see if that does the trick.

I am going to dinner tonight with the friends who mounted a political campaign for Mayor of my town. We worked so much togther that we formed a bond of sorts. And, we are planning to make some more political waves in the next election. In the meantime, the candidate suggested we all get together for the holidays. So we've picked a nice restaurant and plan on having a good time.

The bummer about being busy is that the weather has been scandalously perfect fo riding. 50-60 degrees f., just enough rain to keep the footing soft but not muddy, and no appreciable wind. I had to take the Boys' sheets off for the day both yesterday and today.

I keep hoping the lightweight sheets from Chick's will come, but so far, no luck. The current orange sheets are just too heavy when the temps are so high.

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  1. Anonymous3:52 PM

    odd - you can post to your blog as you but not to our blogs?

    very strange

    and i don't have to log in to be able to post to your/carolines/anyone else's blog ... it recognises me seemingly

    i wonder, has something gone adrift with your cookies?