Sunday, December 03, 2006

Two Days in the Saddle

In and Out of the Arena

My neck still isn't right, but at least the headache part is gone, so I was up to riding again.

Not Friday, though. By the time I got home the rain and wind were already starting, so I just gave up and let Mother Nature have her fun.

But it didn't rain too much, so the footing in my riding ring was great. I rode Chance first and challenged him with a much longer session of trot. Little by little, the steering is getting better and he is offering to drop his head now and then. Obviously, his tempo is far from steady, varying from very forward to slo-mo, but in general, I was able to keep him trotting.

I totally confused Tucker by asking him to start off with his head up. He just stood there, his feet planted to the ground. He closed in on a tantrum and reared a little, but I put him into a tiny circle and finally got him going. As an experiment it was a failure. Once I stretche him down and pushed him on, I could elevate him with far more success. He still tries to stop on his forehand, but I am more and more able to correct that.

I worked Toby in the ring as well. I just ride him in an easy training level frame now, but it's so much fun being able to do flying changes whenever and wherever I want. He is a blast. What a great horse to learn from.

Sunday, the day before deer hunting season, allowed me to ride out into the woods again. I took all three of the Boys on the same 20-25 minute trail. Everyone was perfect, although I have to remember to steer Chance a bit more than the more seasoned fellows or else he kind of wanders off the track. He really acted as if he was having a good time. What a sweetie.

I have ordered flourescent orange sheets for everyone. Tucker's arrived on Friday. I had an older small one for Chance, so he is in orange, and Toby, for now is in red while we await the United Parcel Service delivery. Equiteric notified me they shipped on Friday, so with luck Toby will be in safety orange in a day or so. I always worry during the deer hunting season.

I must admit, Tucker stood out like a lightbulb in the pasture when I saw him as I came home from church. The orange is absolutely electric. I'll have to try to get a picture when the whole gang is similarly dressed.

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