Monday, December 25, 2006

Up To My Neck In Christmas

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

What a pain in the neck having a pain in the neck is. I got adjusted on Friday and Saturday. I felt fine until late on Christmas Eve, while I was in church. Christmas morning, today, I woke up with neck problems again. I am now wearing my neck brace and it seems to be helping.

Christmas dinner is at 4, so I don't know if I have time left to do anything with the Boys...again. I was planning on riding early but just couldn't manage as I was sure a headache was coming on.

I don't think they mind too much, but I do know both Tucker and Chance do enjoy the adventure of being ridden. Toby is a bit harder to read. He seems to enjoy our outings, but he often plays hard to catch.

I found a new farmers' market not to far away and bought the lovliest carrots with lush green tops. The ones I got at the supermarket were pathetic compared to them and the good ones were half the price! At any rate, the Boys are being treated for the holiday with sweet carrots and delicious apples. I already got them their orange sheets as the long lasting presents, but I they they enjoy the temporal reward of sugar on their tongues. The way they dive into the treats is quite something.

We can learn a lot from horses. Their world is full of simple pleasures and simple solutions. They are clear about expressing their feelings and somehow manage to work out all their conflicts directly and honestly. I often wonder how much better off we all would be if we could face the world ourselves with their perspective.

May we all find Christmas in our hearts to last the whole year through!

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  1. Anonymous3:02 PM

    you aren't doing well ...

    hope it recovers soon....