Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Orange Sheets

But Not All Flourescent

Well, one set of orange sheets came yesterday. They are of good quality and lined, so they have a bit of weight to them, much like a Warlock.

Toby and Chance are now sporting them for hunting season. Tucker, though, is still dressed in the lighter weight sheet I ordered from Chick's Saddlery. It is a brilliant flourscent orange, much brighter and much more visible than the other Boys' coats. It is a lightweight, unlined waterproof sheet and I must say, I am very impressed with its quality, appearance and price.

Hopefully, I will be getting the two others I ordered as well because if ever there was a safety sheet for hunting season, this one is it. I can put another sheet or blanket under it for added warmth if I need to, and if the weather is warmer, as this season seems to be, it is still suitable. If Chick's doesn't get the orange ones in this week, they may send me pink ones instead. While the herd won't match, I don't think any hunter will mistake one of my Boys for a deer dressed in these colors.

Monday is the off riding day and I was back at the chiropractor in the morning. Then, after school, I had a young man drop by who is going to do some work around my little farm. I need some good strong muscle power to do some floor leveling under my very heavy rubber mats. I also have some muddy spots that need fill and a fence to repair.

Nick seems enthusiastic. His dad, whom I met at the chiropractor, wanted him to do some good hard work somewhere, so hopefully, I will be able to get a few of the chores done that are just too heavy for me to handle.

The weather seems to be holding. My trainer, Chris Warner, should be coming down from Massachusetts here to New Jersey on Saturday. I am hoping we can have a lesson at my house. That way, Chris can see Chance and we can work him a little. Kelly, the young rider can also hack her horse over to take a lesson as well. She teachers little ones in the mornings and can't afford to lose the income to take a morning lesson with Chris. Usually, we trailer over to a farm with an indoor about 20 minutes away. If the weather is nice, we can use my ring, save the trailering and solve the problem of how to do three horses since my trailer only carries two.

Addition from Tuesday, December 5

I long lined Tucker and he was a doll. He really is a beautiful horse and I think he is finally maturing metally to match his physical presence.

I put the heavier orange sheet on him too because it is much colder than anticipated. Now everyone matches. Cute little bundle of carrot-like horses.

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  1. Anonymous4:11 PM

    i'd thought you meant exercise sheets.... oops. the hunters really must be bad ...i'm so pleased we dont' have that sort of free for all over here...