Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Into the Woods and Out Again

Trailing on a Winter's Day

I took all three Boys out for trail rides. With all the rain, my arena is very wet, and since I haven't been riding, I just wanted to have some fun. Besides, once Chance saw me take Toby out, he was hanging over the gate to the woods, with a longing expression on his face.

Toby and I went out to the back to check on the flooding. There is still water in the trees, but it is slowing receding. The Turnpike runoff may still be causing some problems, but without the warehouse water pouring in, the situation is so much better. It's still sad to see land that was once dry now part of a swamp. The once lovely trail along the power lines is ruined. It may dry out this summer, but now I wouldn't risk riding through.

They are going to widen the Turnpike again and under the new enviromental laws, we may be able to force them to take care of all their runoff instead of dumping it into the State parklands. I still have to write up a letter to send them, but I did speak up to the engineers at a Turnpike information meeting. I do miss riding back there as it offered a nice option for a good little ride with a place to do some galloping if I wanted to.

Tucker was just a little uncertain when we started out, but he settled into a good walk as we went along. Again, I only stayed out for a short ride, but it was fun nonetheless. I was a little worried because when I had gone out with Toby I met a young couple along the trail. who were on their own adventure. They were on a treasure hunt using a GPS unit. I have to look this up, but apparently, there are web sites where people set up the hunts. They go out an plant treasures somewhere and others have to navigate their way to find them with the GPS. The couple was heading for one more treasure in the very direction I was going to be riding Tucker. I'm not sure how he would have reacted to seeing or hearing them tramping about in the forest, but luckily, I didn't have to find out. Now, of course, I wonder if they did find the last hidden treasure before dark.

Chance was feisty and showed a bit of temper as we began our ride. I had to open the close the gate from the saddle. His skill at this is still limited since he doesn't back well and also doesn't yet have a clue about going sideways. Getting out to the trail was no problem, but when I tried to turn back to refasten the gate behind us, he wanted none of it. He was totally determined that we were going OUT on the trail, not back. He was tossing his head and plowing against the rein, putting on quite a show of refusing to do what I wanted him to do. For good or ill, compared to Tucker's tantrums, this one was totally non-intimidating. He doesn't throw himself around and he doesn't feel at all as if he would buck or rear. I just gave him a minute to think about it, walked him on a bit to a wider place and pulled him back around to the gate. Silly boy.

He is a gem on the trail, and had I wanted to, I think I could have taken a new route with no problem. But, it was getting a little dark, so I stuck to the short path. If it's nice tomorrow, I may try another trail with him. I am a bit limited, but I can stay out for an hour if I go around the fields. I'm not into really long rides anyhow and generally use the trail as either a reward or just a way for all of us to relax for a day's work.

I am really happy to be able to hack out all three by themselves. I think in the long run, Chance is going to be the best of the group out of the ring. He is already showing an lust for adventure and seems to pretty sensible about it. If so, he will be the perfect horse for me! I need one I can just have fun with whenever I want.

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  1. swop you? (molly for chance, that is ....) LOL.

    the saddle is there, just waiting for the money to arrive from the bank....