Saturday, December 30, 2006

On the Lines

Ringwork for a Change, or a Chance

I long lined everyone this afternoon.

Chance didn't particularly like the lines' insistence that he keep his head down, but he only threw two totally mini-tantrums. Nothing to even discuss. Once he figured out that he needed to work that way, he was just fine. I must admit, he is a nice mover in all three gaits and tends to stay nice and forward. He really is a honey.

He has put on some weight and is starting to look better fed. I'm still not sure how much he is going to grow and develop, but only time will tell. What is fun is that when I call him he comes right to me, even if he knows we are going to work. I guess the difficult start he had in life and all of Lauranne's loving care when he was a newborn has convinced him that humans are really OK. He is definitely one of the friendliest horses I've ever met.

Tucker was lazy as usual, requiring a bit of persuasion that "forward" was the best way to go. I had some really nice work from him until the turret on the new surcingle broke. That limited some of my more refined rein aids. But, to Tuck's credit, he didn't take advantage. The biggest problem I had was trying to keep him from overbending to the bit and getting too low in the process. I will have to work that out because when he is correct and up, he looks great!

Toby was, as usual, virtually perfect on the lines. Years ago, he told my animal communicator that he like to long line because he could see me. He never takes a wrong step. In fact, he was so good, I changed the rig to a direct rein instead of a "vee" connection on the surcingle because he was to quick to come round on the bit. I don't ask him to carry himself in an upper level frame much since he has retired from competition. No more FEI for him. He's quite happy doing the lower level carriage. And yet, if I want to, I can do any one of the upper level exercises with a minimum of effort if I ever want to play. Tempi changes are a cinch for him and all the lateral work is just as easy.

Guess I can use Toby to remind me of what I need to do as I move Tucker up the levels--and maybe even Chance, my happy little trail horse.

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