Monday, November 13, 2006

Visions of Drier Days

Rain, Rain and More Rain

The thing I hate most about winter is that when it rains it doesn't dry out. Soggy ground and mud puddles do not encourage much good riding.

I did long line Chance today in the rain, though, just to see how it would go. We had a few false starts and a few little tantrums, but nothing too dramatic. I must say, when he puts his head into the frame he is quite a looker and his movement is really nice.

To the left you can see him on a dry day under the apple tree.

Now, here is a picture of Tucker, also on a dry day.

The fence behind him is four feet tall at the top rail. As you can see, he is taller than that at his back. At 16.3 hands, measured just there where his mane ends and his back begins (the wither), he is 5'7" tall.

Chance is 6" shorter and, as you can probably see, considerably thinner.

Tucker (Doitright Tobe) is now six years old and it's amazing how much he has learned since I started him off. He finds most of the work and exercises we try pretty easy, so I think he will have a good career as a dressage competition horse.

Toby, To Be Or Not To Be, pictured to the left just kind of hanging out in the barn in his summer fly sheet, is now 16 years old and semi-retired from the show ring. He stands at 16.1, two inches shorter than Tucker.

He is the herd boss and runs the farm with an iron hoof. At the same time, he is watcher and guardian to his herdmates. When I ride Tucker off the property, he calls for him and worries until we get back safely.

Very athletic and talented, Toby has a huge stride and very smooth gaits.
To see PJ and read his story, look down the blog for other posts.

I have been priviledged to own two other special horses in the past--Russell R, and Sudden Impluse (Si) who died from colic within months of my buying him. Russell and I were blessed with twenty years of companionship and Si won my heart in a few short weeks. I have been so lucky in finding lovely horses each and every time I've gone out to find one for myself.

Fate has been truly kind to me.


  1. chance looks good - and easy found on a dark night with that white blaze!! very useful i'm finding with Moll as well (although her's isn't a proper blaze, just a white stripe really)

  2. You're right about the blaze. Last night when I came home in the dark, I looked over to the paddock and there it was, a white streak in the night! And attached to it, Chance! Cool.