Sunday, November 19, 2006

Into the Woods

Trail Rides for Everyone

It was cloudy and cool, but a dry Sunday. Since it's the only day when there are no hunters about I took the opportunity to take some rides in the woods.

Toby and I ventured out first. He was a happy camper, especially since part of our trail ride routine is to find some nice patches of lush green grass and graze for a bit. I checked out the flooding in the back of the State Park. There is still quite a bit of water there even though the warehouses are not, at the moment, draining their floods over. But it was horribly wet all summer and now that the ground is supersaturated there is no place for the water to soak in.
Toby enjoyed the outing as he always does, and we both came back with smiles on our faces.

Tucker and I headed out next. I took the trail he's been on most to keep his comfort level high. As we neared the turn back home, he decided to go the other way. So, off we went along the rim of the old sand mine. He was happy and interested as we walked along until, at trail's end, we saw the boulder! This is a fairly large gray rock. It has definite horse eating qualities and although we have passed it before, I decided to take the safe way out and cut across the woods to the trail back home when Tucker balked. Considering that was the only flaw in our ride, I had more smiles as we rode back into the arena.

That left Chance. He was very interested in the gate and what lay beyond, so I saddled him up, propped the gate open, mounted up and offered him the option of a little trail ride. Eagerly, he took me up. We weaved our way along the little side trail out to the cut cornfield. The footing was a little deep because the farmer has plowed up to the edge of the woods. I think Chance wanted to trot, but I checked him back to a walk with a chirp and he listened beautifully. About 200 feet up, we turned back into the woods trail heading home. The ride was all of about five minutes, but the kid was an angel. He was brave, curious, and forward all the way. I'm not quite sure how much control I would actually have if he decided to do something silly, but to be honest, he doesn't feel as if he would.

So, back at the barn, I was wearing an even bigger grin.

From the looks of things, Chance will be a super little trail horse and an equally fun ride for just about anything else I want to do with him. Tucker is getting better and better about going out and Toby is still my ace.

Could it get any better?


  1. excellent. sounds like you had a really good day.

    i do think discretion is the better part of valour where goblins are concerned - especially big rocky ones that could hurt if landed upon!!!

    why no hunters on sundays? .....

  2. Hunting is illegal in New Jersey on Sundays; There was a time some stores were not open on Sunday either. The USA was very Christian about the sabboth at one time. Many such laws still linger.