Saturday, November 18, 2006

Dry Weather

And A Nice Saturday

Except for the hunter with the whistle and his three very disobedient beagles.

The Boys were so riled up this morning that they would not settle in to eat breakfast. As I was trying to get them in, a car stopped on the road, blasting its horn. In short order, three beagles came romping across my property, setting the horses into another frenzy.

Then, sure enough, I heard that whistle again in the far woods. A bit later there came a hunter, whistling and shouting to his stubborn hunting dogs that had now found my neighbor's house and his geese and chickens. Plenty of noise and shouting later, things resolved themselves as the hunter and the beagles hiked off together back into the depths of the park.

By then, Tucker had eaten his food and Toby's food, so I had to lock Toby in with a new meal and convince Chance it was safe to eat in his own stall.

Needless to say, I waited until later in the day to ride.

I put in a good school with Tucker. Then I rode Chance for about 15 minutes and added some figure eights at the trot. He did quite well. It's still a bit disconcerting when he carries his head way up high, but he is quiet enough, so I just try to ignore it as I encourage him to drop down to the bit now and then.

I lunged Toby and he was quite happy to jump a little jump I'd set up for him. He even did it one extra time on his own. Tomorrow, with no hunting on Sunday, I'll take him out for a trail ride.

Fun day, nonetheless.

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