Friday, November 17, 2006

Fast Learner

The Boy is So Clever

I rode Chance again today for about 15 minutes. This time, we did 2 1/2 circles in each direction at the trot. He was already much more responsive to steering and also to the leg. If this keeps up, I will be able to take him out for a short trail ride very soon.

I also finally have the information from his former owner and am trying to get in touch with her. From what I read she absolutely loved Chance and hated to give him up. However, circumstances and what was best for Chance pushed her to put him up for adoption.

He is living the good life now. I will do all I can to make sure he is well cared for.

I rode Tucker as well. Right now we are concentrating on first going well forward and then shifting his balance to his hindquarters as his front end elevates. This will be the beginning of collection so I only ask for it with about a 20-25 minute training session.

Afterwards, we took a five minute hack into the woods which was extended when Tucker decided there must be some kind of horse-eating monsters lurking in the completely empty cornfield--where the corn is cut so you can see for acres. So, we balked, tried to go backwards and then just kind of minced along at the reluctant schoolboy's pace.

Then when we got back home I rode into the arena. Toby and Chance were by the other gate. Who knows what it was, but the two of them suddenly bolted like maniacs across the paddock.

Tucker tried to take off with them.

There I was aboard a bolting horse with my reins too loose to do anything. Thank heavens for good solid fences. I managed to reel him in before he careened around the corner.

Well, it does prove one thing--Tucker can go forward when he wants to!

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  1. oops!

    well done you.

    that's what always worries me about our arena - right next to molly's field, will she tank if they do? ....