Sunday, November 12, 2006

Another day.....

Another circle!

Beat the rain to ride today.

I worked Toby a few minutes in the ring to try to get him a little fitter and then went out for a short trail ride. T

hen I rode Tucker. I was going to do the same thing, but Toby and Chance had decided to wander into the arena while the gate was open and they thought Tucker just looked too interesting to leave us alone. So out I went.

Won't we ever get a break? Someone was target practicing again today. The gunshots made Tucker a little nervous, but all in all, he held himself together nicely and we had another lovely ride through the woods.

Mind you, this is a big deal as he has bucked me off out on the trail before. When he settles down, he is really a delightful ride out there. Hopefully, he will keep his head together as time goes on and we can enjoy the winter in the woods when my ring footing is frozen.

That left Chance. I saddled him up and got on. I must say, he is a quick learner. Already he is getting the idea of my leg aids and moved right off when I squeezed. Steering is a little better, but until I do some serious ground driving, I won't expect dramatic improvement. This time when I asked for trot, he was far more willing and I actually managed two full circles on each rein. Again, I only rode for about ten minutes, more than enough for a three year old.

The rain came soon after I finished and will probably continue through tomorrow. Ah well, I did have a good weekend.

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  1. so long as the shooers are far enough away he'll probably get used to it. and loads of fluorescent stuff i expect!!!!