Sunday, November 26, 2006

Into the Woods

And Out Again

With all three Boys!

Chance came to me first in the pasture this afternoon, so I saddled him up and off we went on our first real official full length trail ride in the woods. I have the short trail, the medium trail, and the long trail through the park. The times range from about 15-20 minutes up to a half hour just following the roads without any side trips. Chance and I took the short route. He was wonderful! The only thing that gave him pause were some of the mudpuddles in the path. These have been made by the mini bikes and ATV's that illegally ride through the State Park, creating ruts in some of the wetter spots. I didn't mind that at all as the footing is very slippery and uncertain near the water and Chance was being more careful than scared. He really seemed to enjoy his excursion and almost acted as if he didn't want to go back through the gate to get home.

Toby was quite pleased to go out as well because I let him graze on the patches of long grass along the edge of the field. He is a bit naughty about grabbing for it sometimes, but I feel since he is in semi-retirement, he is entitled to be bad now and then. We took the longish route and had another lovely time in the springlike weather. Nearly 60 degrees f in the end of November.

Tucker stuck his head into the bridle and reached to take the bit into his mouth. I guess after seeing the other two Boys being ridden, he didn't want to feel left out. He was just a little silly about the Blox I had used to prop open the ring gate to the woods, but once we were out, he stepped boldly along. Fallen trees and other unusual looking things along the trail do distract him a bit, but he was as good as gold. What a pleasure to be able to let him amble along on a long rein as we enjoyed the beautiful autumn day.

Animal Control came to get the beagle after church this afternoon. The officer said the shelter knows how to get in touch with the guys who hunt the dogs around here. Apparently, they are always losing the little fellows. This little guy was so sweet. I hope they come to get him soon and treat him well. Otherwise, I have a feeling he'll show up here again. I think he liked the Dog Chow and Milkbones.

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  1. Anonymous6:19 PM

    60 degrees F? send some of that this way please ....and send chance with it, sounds like a better prospect at the moment LOL (although what he'd make of pheasants flying up under his nose...)