Thursday, November 16, 2006

Still Soggy

At Least My Footing Holds Up

For now, anyway. As the winter progresses it stays pretty wet even though the ring is sand. Too much water and the horses get down to the clay base underneath and then can slip.

I long lined everyone tonight. Chance is already getting the hang of it after only two sessions. He is quite a clever fellow.

Toby was, as always a star. I started him in lines at age two and we did a lot of work before I ever rode him. He once "told" the animal communicator he liked lining better than riding because he could see me. Interesting. To this day he is an absolute star in the lines.

Tucker was good but lazy. It takes all kinds of encouragement to get him to go forward. He did look great once I got his hind end engaged, but I think I got nearly as much exercise as he did chasing him into the bit. I also started him in the lines, but I don't think he enjoys it as much as Toby does, so he isn't quite as willing. He didn't cut up though as he does when he's really bored, so that was good.

Possible thunderstorms coming through tomorrow and the danger of high winds, although we are on the border of the worst part of the weather front. Hopefully the heaviest storms will be south of here.

I have a friend who lives south, though, and her land does not drain like mine does. (I am on a bit of a hill and my ground is high aquifer recharge which means the water soaks in pretty quickly.) I know she was really wet yesterday. If those storms hit her area, it's going to be terrible. I feel sorry for her.

Hope I'll be back in the saddle on Friday.

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