Thursday, November 23, 2006

Counting My Blessings

Angels in My Barn

Tucker strikes and angelic pose all snug and warm in the barn on a cold, wet Thanksgiving morning.

And they all don't have four feet.

My farrier, Scott Previte, came today, Thanksgiving Day, to shoe my Boys. This was not an emergency call, but he decided since I had the day off and he had the time, it would be a good day to get the job done.

We brought Chance out first. Scott was gentle and patient with him every step of the way and Chance behaved like a dream. He was a little unsure about putting his hoof on the trimming post, but with Scott's quiet assurance and handling, he figured it out. I think he won Scott's heart with his attitude and friendly personality.
To the right, Chance poses angelically.

For part of the time, Tucker was on the crossties watching the whole thing. He can get a bit antsy when he is being shod, but today, he too stood like a gentleman. We decided to pull his back shoes for the winter, so we'll have to see how they hold up. Since the ground is still soft, it's a good time to try. I always shoe with borium studs and snow pads, but I thought perhaps bare feet in the back would be a better option for the ice and snow this year.

Both Tucker and Toby have had problems with full cracks down their front hoofs, so we can't really take a chance on letting them go totally barefoot. PJ's feet were fine, so for the last several years of his life, he was barefoot, and I hope to leave Chance unshod for as long as possible.

Toby was the third to be done and he was his usual princely self. What a joy to see three horses so well behaved for the shoer. With Scott, his assistant, his great border collie, Jack, and my three sweeties, I had five angels in my barn for Thanksgiving.

My blessings abound.

And the top angel, Toby pauses in his favorite pasttime of cribbing...his one allow me to take his angel portrait.

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