Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sore Muscles

Physical Therapy

I am rather surprised at how sore my muscles are the day after physical therapy. There is a decidedly burning ache in several spots that my painkillers do not seem to relieve.

I really hurt on Tuesday, but I carried on with most of my home exercises anyhow--what horseperson wouldn't?  Then by Wednesday, I felt much better, only to go to therapy at the center in the afternoon.

Today, Thursday, I am quite sore again, although it's not quite as bad. This is a hopeful sign that over the next week or so, things will get better.  I am using heat on the muscles and ice on my knees and that helps but I will admit to being pretty darn uncomfortable a good part of the time.

But, I also have to remember that I had bad knees for a long time. My right knee's damage was nearly fifty years old and over those years, my body and especially my leg muscles adapted to a skewed carriage and conformation.

Now, my legs are straight with correct support and the muscles have to re-learn how to work properly, stretching or contracting in entirely new ways when I both walk and move my legs.  It would have to be very much like what a horse goes through when it begins correct retraining after having moved in a stiff, inverted way for much of its life.  Suddenly asked to be round, to carry itself with unfamiliar, unfit muscles, I am sure it too would experience some of the discomfort I feel now.

The only advantage that the horse might have over me is that its muscles would not have been damaged by surgical incisions, so it might recover a little faster than I am at this point.

This experience will serve me well when I  start to ride again, both for me and my horses.

We are all going to have to retrain some muscles that just might decide to protest as we work through our new adventures.


  1. Ah, this sounds hard but what choice do you have but to move forward. Motivation is high based on the reward you righty expect. I hope each day is more comfortable for you!

  2. Hope it starts getting better soon. It's hard though because your muscles are healing from being cut and are healing. And as you say reforming correctly from years of skewed alignment. We can only imagine what it's like for the horses to have to reform their muscles again but I think you've given a good example. Feel better, every day brings you closer to your goal of riding. But take it easy too and let nature take its course with healing.

  3. Good to keep things in perspective Jean! You are getting better. It is good to hear about it!

    Horses have a different physiology than us. I do not remember teh details, but it is in term of stretch receptor, muscles recovery etc...
    I believe a horse will recover faster than us.
    They are prey animals, and therefore their metabolism has evolved for faster recovery with a pain threshold higher than us, predators ^-^

    Bon courage. I am so happy you getting fitter by the day.

  4. be sure to tell your therapist, i'm sure the muscles should not burn like that, even if they are having to learn to work properly after a long time....perhaps slower work? anyway, tell him/her...