Monday, September 26, 2011

"T" for Tucker

"T" For Trouble

The two "t" words are synonymous.

Sunday, my horsesitter turned Tucker out in the riding arena with the sand footing because we still had mud and we need to be careful with his shoes. All was well when I left for church.

Sitting through the service with my stiff knees was a little challenging, but it was fine. And since I knew the anthem we were singing I was able to join the choir. The group went out to lunch afterwards and I enjoyed a nice salad bar meal.

I came home--I still have to beg rides from friends since I am not yet driving myself--in the early afternoon and relaxed for a bit.

But something kept nagging at me. I just had a feeling Tucker was no longer in the arena. I gave in to my sixth sense and went out to the barn.  Sure enough, the arena was empty and Tucker was hanging out in the barn. What did I find in the arena?

Two possible avenues of escape:

In the first pic you can see the lower fence rail just hidden in the weeds behind the open gate.  In the other two pictures you can see the smashed fence rails.  They look to be sabotaged from the inside, so Tucker is the only available suspect.   There are a lot of vines a bushes in the way there, so I have to think he got out by the gate, but you never know.  He had no scrapes or scratches on him that I could see. *sigh*

So, with no rain in the forecast for a few days, he is on full turnout because the arena fence needs repair.

Today, in the early afternoon, I went out to put the fans on in the barn.

I was greeted by a naked Tucker!  No flysheet. What???? Where???? No sign of it and I am not quite yet up to hiking the paddocks and pasture on a quest.

Now, he is dressed in one of the orange flysheets. It doesn't fit really well, but it will do until I find the missing one.

Some children just seem to get in trouble at every turn.

      At least there is some grass to munch on.                                                          


  1. Tucker cracks me up. What a naughty little imp! Stories like this are exactly why my fences are electric. My boys are far too curious for their own good. Heck, even the electric fence doesn't stop my pony when she's determined to go walkabout! Amazing creatures, horses.

  2. Anonymous6:50 PM

    Tucker the Troublemaker!

    Glad you were able to make it to church - that must have been nice.

  3. An escape artist! Tucker is quite a character. Even when they do exasperating things like this that require repairs I get a kick out of them. As long as no one gets hurt, of course.

    Glad you were able to get to church. Sounds like you're doing really well with your new knees.

  4. He's just doing his best to keep you entertained!

  5. Sneaky little monkey. Jack has gone a ruined two covers in the last little while so I know the frustration. Hopefully he is shamed enough by the bright orange to not try it again.

  6. Love the butt cheeks hanging out of the orange sheet! LOL!

    Maybe you could change his name to Trouble? I think Patricia at the old barn used to have a lesson horse named Trouble. I don't think it worked out. I remember I drove up one day, and the owners (she was leasing him) were trying to load him, and he was having none of it. He was hard to catch too.

  7. ^-^ Full of mischief, isn't he! He keeps your life interesting *grin* I think even when he will be 30, he will still be a troublemaker ^-^