Sunday, September 18, 2011

Beauty in the Eyes of the Beholder

Two Portraits

Remember how I said everyone at the hospital kept saying what beautiful knees I had? Trust me, they weren't talking about my real legs, but the apparently awesome staple job on my surgeries.

So, to them, this was apparently beautiful:
I think we measured them at about 7 inches or so, pretty straight and each held together with some 50 or so staples.  Swelling is worse on the right than the left but neither one looks dreadful.  There are some bruises in various places and I did have some blisters from some of the surgical tape and bandages.  Those are healing nicely as are the incisions.

So, one concept of "beauty."

Somehow I prefer example #2, which is a beautiful  "we 'k'need' you" bouquet sent to me from Carole and Don at Ansur Saddlery.
Lovely, lovely flowers that have managed to stay fresh looking for nearly 10 days now.  And my catsitter best buddy Shelley put them out of kitty reach, so they have manged to survive getting chewed up.

Now that's what I call beautiful in both vision and sentiment.

Thanks to all of you who sent good wishes, good vibes and words of encouragement. I will catch up on responding on blogs I visit during the week but sitting too long at the computer makes my legs ache a bit, so I am doing a little at a time.

I did go out to the barn this afternoon to give each Boy some apples and some extra hay.  Tucker is still stuck inside with his missing shoe as we wait for Scott who got backed up and busy these last weeks. I suspect as the show season draws to a close a lot of his clients who compete are needing shoeing jobs ASAP, and my retired crew is just having to wait a little longer than normal.

We'll get there. They all looked fine and were very respectful of my crutches, so that was good.  Not scared, just careful around me. Hope that continues.

Actually, I can walk without the crutches but it's much safer to have them for added balance, especially outside. In the house, I have plenty of furniture, door frames and walls, to steady myself so sometimes I use only one and if I only have a few steps to take, might not use any at all.

Healing continues and each day it gets a little better. I am sure physical therapy will help, but it's not going to be easy.  I'm resting up to get ready and doing most of the exercises at home. But it's just not the same if you don't have a therapist to encourage you.

And, boy, would a nice massage feel good about now!!


  1. Oh, that is a lovely suture job! Both my c-sections looked like something that was done in a butcher's shop. I agree that the flowers are a bit more pleasant, though.

    Take care! It's quite wise of you to take the crutches along with you, even though you don't need them. ;)

  2. Your knees are lovely and the flowers are beautiful. I'm glad to hear you've been able to get out to see the boys, the crutches are a good idea for balance. Hope that swelling goes down soon and the staples come out. You'll feel a lot better then. Take care and take it slow.

  3. Anonymous8:58 PM

    Looking good - take care and continue to heal well.

  4. I am sure it was an effort but it must have felt good to get out to the barn to see the boys. I wonder if they sense that you are vulnerable right now.

    Amazing - all those staples and just the idea that knees can be replaced. I hope you are sleeping well!

  5. Yep, me two I had a C-section done by a butcher. Yuck!
    Your knees look 1,000 times better ^-^

    Take it easy, take your time. I am thinking of you (((((hugs from Italy)))))

  6. Glad to read that you are moving around and getting out to see the boys! I found that Fawkes was never afraid of my crutches either, just careful and respectful of them.

    The sutures do look beautiful. I suppose if you must have them than you want them to look good!

  7. i haven't had a c section, but did have a laparotomy -also done by a butcher! your knees look as though they'll heal really tidily! glad all are well at follywoods and the boys are careful of you at this time!