Sunday, October 02, 2011

Bit of Good Work

Stiff But Solid

I gave my new knees their first test today. The riding arena is in dire need of a thorough poo picking, so I decided it would be a good chance for me to see how things felt and if I could push the wheelbarrow.

Success on all fronts! I only did two almost full barrows.  It actually felt good to push against the weight with my legs, so I figure they got a good workout. It may not be standard physical therapy, but it was exercise.  And, I am most happy to report that the stability in my new joints is striking. My legs felt really solid under me! What a difference from what I've been feeling all these years!

It actually makes me quite excited for how I will feel in the future once all the stiffness and swelling are gone.

There is still some heat and swelling in my knee joints, and the muscles get stiff and sore if I sit or stand in one position too long.  During exercises, including the therapy, my muscles do not hurt. (This for Claire.) It is afterwards, when they have rested for a bit. The muscle fibers need to stretch and contract repeatedly in order to get stronger and once I am done working out, sometimes they want to cramp up.  Massage, heat, and moving definitely helps and I am already noticing that they are feeling better a little at a time.

The swelling in the knees is not extreme either, but after therapy that too increases. So the treatment is ice packs.

I have been trying to stretch each knee myself, but it's not quite the same as when my therapist works on it for me. If you've ever had an injury that needs therapy, I am sure you will understand.

While I was picking the arena, Chance came over to "help."  First, he needed a snuggle. Then, he needed to knock the wheelbarrow over so I had to fork everything back in all over again.

Does that mean I actually cleaned up three wheelbarrows full?


  1. Anonymous7:44 PM

    Glad the new, improved knees seem to be working out well. I'm a big believer in active, horse-related PT, too.

  2. Of course that means you did 3 wheelbarrows full! Good for Chance trying to help you along with your therapy so you can get back out there sooner to pamper them.

    Glad you're therapy is coming along so well.

  3. It's a good thing you had this done while the weather is still warm - otherwise those ice packs would be pretty uncomfortable. But this is excellent news!!! Solid knees! I feel pretty lucky that I can't imagine what it's like not to have solid knees. They got a good workout yesterday, bouncing down the mountain side from rock to rock and today they are fine - just good luck on my part.

    Awww, Chance didn't mean to cause you more work - in fact he would help you if he could.

  4. I would definitely credit you with three barrows.

  5. Oh Chance! What a sweetie. I think too he really wanted to help. Yes it counts as THREE ^-^

    Take it easy, and allow your body to heal.


  6. definitely three!

    so pleased you're feeling the benefit of the new knees .. and glad for the clarificaiton re. the muscle pain!

    i know what you mean about the physiotherapist working stuff before you try - i had exactly that issue with the fingers/hand after my accident last year, makes it so much easier when the professional has done the work first, and give you more confidence when you go on to do the same exercise yourself.

    and exercise in general has to be good..

  7. Congrats on moving forward with the new knees / unconventional therapy!