Sunday, September 04, 2011

Not Much Really New

Just Getting Ready

I good friend spent the morning with me going to the feed store to stock up on feed while I am in the hospital.  He helped me unload when we got home which was really great as I am literally on my last legs.

I did, however, introduce him to the "antique" store behind the tack store. Antiques may be in there somewhere, but the "Used furniture" and used everything else part of the place is the focus.  I actually bought a really nice rolling suitcase there last week for $5.   And I've often gone in to get props for various plays at school.  I have two cabinets in my living room I got there too. One is a china type cabinet to display my horse statue collection and the other is a corner unit where my TV sits.  Prices? At most $100, as I recall.

If you want it, they probably have it somewhere in the store. It's a huge jumble of a yard sale that goes on 6 days a week.  This time, there was a wind up Victrola with a bunch of records there. The cabinet was really cool, the Victrola worked and the whole thing was going for $225.  I would think an antique collector would snatch that up. There was a woman there who was on the brink of buying it, so it may be gone already.

Horses are all set now as far as feed goes.  I still have to tidy up the barn and finish a few things in the house. And, I still have to pack, although most of my things are sorted and ready to go.

Off to do some caulking. More tomorrow.


  1. The used furniture store sounds interesting. I love looking around places like that. We have one here and I try not to go in there or I'll come home with something.

    Glad you're almost set for your hospital stay. I'm sure the boys will be fine but they will miss you.

  2. that should have been on antiques road show, i expect!

    sounds like you're all sorted....

  3. Few people can literally say they are on their last legs - though I am sure you would rather not have that honor. I am excited that this is finally going to happen and you seem well prepared on horse and human front.