Friday, September 02, 2011

Might As Well Wear Them Out

My Knees, That Is
I didn't exactly set out to do it, but I seem to be managing a fair job of using up what is left of my own knees before I replace them.  They have been super aching the last week and I have been very busy on my feet, not giving them much rest.

Today, I spent some time sorting my jewelry for a special sale at my church and continuing some of the major cleaning in the house. Then I checked the weather forecast and realized we might get some more rain--just what we don't need--on the weekend, so if I was going to mow the lawn, I'd better get at it.

But, of course, the lawn tractor battery was dead, so while it was charging, I took advantage of the coolish day and did some weed whacking with my electric string trimmer. I did a good part of the front bank but hope to finish Sunday when there isn't so much traffic speeding by.  I have to work along the shoulder of the road and these drivers simply don't bother to slow down if I am out there. It's scary.

Battery charged, weeds trimmed, I began mowing. It is a far from thorough job as there are some tree limbs down and I don't have the energy to clean them up at this point. Besides, my kind neighbor told me he'd do it while I was in the hospital.  Thus, I just kind of mowed around the bigger limbs and moaved a number of the smaller ones out of the way.

Lawn mowed, I realized after I put the little tractor away that I'd forgotten to pull the arena drag back into its spot after I moved it to mow.  Since I can't pull the drag by human power, I decided to start up the Kubota tractor to move it.

But once I got the Kubota out and about, I figured it was a waste to just put it back without doing something, so I decided to clean out under the east side run in shed in front of Toby's and Tucker's stalls. 

Three hefty front end loads later, with some pitchforking on my part to get all the stuff that kind of rolls out of the loader, and that job was done. 

Then I fed the Boys who had spent a good part of my work time "helping" by constantly getting in the way of the tractor.  I had to cart a bale of hay over for dinner, and I honestly wasn't sure I was going to make it.

Chores done, I decided to go to the pool.  I figured a short swim at the most and a nice ride around the Lazy River at the least would feel good. 

OK, I ended up doing ten laps and my leg exercises. 

But, I must admit the nice hot shower surely did feel good afterwards.

I am worn out and so are my knees.

But it was a good day with much accomplished.


  1. Anonymous8:04 PM

    You've been working hard - make sure to take it easy enough.

  2. Well if those knees weren't totally worn out before, I'll bet they are now. I think you'll have to actually go to the hospital to have a rest!

  3. I'd say you are getting your money's worth out of your original knees - might as well, as you say. So much work to be done - how did you ever manage it when you were working?!

  4. Super cleaner gardener woman you are!!!
    I won't be able to do half of it LOL!

    Take it easy now, because your body needs energy for the surgery and the rehab.

  5. always the way when you start one job and discover you then have to do another...

  6. I'm behind, yikes, you're getting knee replacements!? Using up your knees! that's kind of funny. but not really funny. but, humor is good.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond