Saturday, June 25, 2011

Swim and Saddle Cleaning

The Rains Come and Go

I was supposed to drive up to New York for an Ansur saddle demo today, but it has rained so hard and so much up the, my client's arena was flooded.  We have postponed the demo until things dry out.

But that doesn't mean I didn't do some saddle cleaning. Even with covers on them, it's amazing how much dust my saddles pick up in the barn.  The two I don't use much for riding--but I do use for demos--are particularly susceptible.  One is done and polished up and the others, I hope, just need a touch up.

If finally was an OK day for a swim, although now, again, it's starting to look as if a stray thunderstorm might move in. (The forecast says, "no," but you never know for sure.)  The pool was probably closed much of the rest of the week.  I had headed out one afternoon once the rain stopped only to hear thunder off the west, so I didn't even bother trying.

Today, the water felt good. I did my laps and my leg exercises and then lazed around the lazy river.

Tucker and Chance were out grazing in the paddock when I got home and Toby was hanging out in Chance's stall.  He's been acting just a little strangely lately--often being off by himself instead of with the herd.  He's eating well, but just not quite as perky as I'm used to.  I'm keeping a close eye on him.  I just might be the flies and the heat today, though....or the mosquitoes which are quite prolific with all the rain.  I have the fans on in the barn, so it's quite nice in there, which may be the appeal.  He did go out to the pasture the other day when it was cool and breezy and was out there last night when I went out for late feed, so he's not stuck in the barn.    And, he nickered to me when I went in with dinner tonight. He's just not quite acting like the Toby I have known for years.

As I said, I'll keep an eye on him.

I am currently being pestered by a furry black and white cat who wants me to play with the laser pointer with him.  He just loves chasing the little red light all over the place and seems quite entertained even though he can never catch it. When I am working at the computer, he sits by my chair and then stands up on his hind feet to bat at my arm to get my attention. Then he fixes his eyes on mine with this most adorable, pleading expression until I pick up the pointer and start a game.

There's always the potential for fun at Follywoods!


  1. Anonymous6:57 PM

    Nice to go for a swim. Is Toby old enough that metabolic issues might be involved, like low thyroid?

    We have 4 kitties and the black and white one (Simon) is by far the most playful.

  2. Your kitty sounds adorable and a lot of fun. Good that you got a swim in, the weather's been miserable.

    Hope Toby is just bothered by the bugs and the humidity. Mine are all miserable too. They actually want to come in at night.

  3. Toby being a senior citizen, might be just annyed by the heat/humidity.

    Fun with the cats ^-^

  4. I love the image of the cat asking for you to play! You know they are happy when they want to play.

    I think heat and humidity are hard on horses and Toby might be a little less tolerant than he used to be. You are fortunate to have them at home where you can really observe their behavior.