Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pay to Play

There's Always a Price

Well, I woke up this morning sore and stiff in my knees.  I'm pretty sure it was the riding, since I didn't do anything else out of the ordinary.

This does not mean I will not ride again, but I must admit I as a bit surprised at how hard it was to walk once I dragged myself out of bed. It was not muscles...it was definitely my knee joints. They were complaining mightily.

By afternoon, with some Tylenol in me and a bit of exercising, I decided I'd head off to the pool for the opening weekday of the season.  To my delight, there was practically no one there and for my first seven laps I was the only one in the big pool.  I did a long session of bicycle kicks, did my leg exercises under water, swam the last three laps and headed for the lazy river.

Cruising around in my comfy tube was a lovely end to the afternoon, but I did get a little pink from the sun. Not exactly sunburn, but a little color. Might be that three circuits are too much in the afternoon. But  it just felt so peaceful and relaxing that I didn't want to get out.

Headed home, fed the Boys and opted out of another ride.  We'll see how I feel tomorrow.

I just have to take it one day at a time.


  1. Anonymous2:40 AM

    Feel better - glad you got in the water, that should help.

  2. Good that you at least got into the water for some exercise and could relax and enjoy yourself. Hope the knees feel better today. Wish you were able to get those darn knees fixed sooner.

  3. possibly try a knee brace, or at least a support? and i wonder if it's the process of mounting/dismounting that's as much an issue?