Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The Mystery Solved

He Was A Felon!!

I finally found out about my unwanted visitor on Saturday. He had stolen a car!

Apparently, he was pulled over on the New Jersey Turnpike, either on a routine stop or because the car was suspicious.  As soon as he stopped the car, he jumped out and ran, climbing the fence by the Turnpike and heading off into our neighborhood.

After that, the story gets a bit muddied but it's pretty clear the police were very quickly hot on his trail. Years ago, someone hid in the barns at the farm up the road, so that's where the police search started.

At some point, the kid hightailed it across the farm field, into my pasture, and then across my paddock where my version of the story began.

I guess the police had no idea whether or not he was armed and dangerous, so that explains the heavy police presence and why they were so worried.

Thank goodness he ended up being relatively harmless as far as that goes.

And thank goodness they caught him. I hope the car was OK and returned to the rightful owner in good shape.

Today, all is well and quiet at Follywoods, although it is pretty darn hot. The Boys are standing in their stalls with the fans blowing on them.  We are going to have high heat (90F+) for the next three days. No fun for anyone outdoors.

And it's not even officially summer yet.



  1. that makes sense, given what you described. so pleased he wasn't armed.

    have to say, it is beyond me why there is no gun control to speak of in the states

  2. Very scary! We've got one more day of the terrible heat to go . . .

  3. I missed your Saturday post on this story so I went back and read it. Must have missed it because it was my daughter's b'day.

    Anyway, that's scary. Glad that Scott was there as a deterrent and protector. Your police force really did a great job and fast too. You just never know who can show up on any given day, glad he wasn't armed.
    Sounds like you've had your quota of excitement for June.

  4. Armed or not, I think you and the farrier could have taken him down. ;-) After dealing with 1000+ pound animals, what's one scrawny human?

    Glad you got that figured out.

    Also, why is it hot there and cold here? Jealous!!

  5. Well, Jean certainly could have outsmarted the young felon. So glad things ended the way they did - you never know.

    We have heat too, 90 for at least the second day but it's worse out there with your humidity. Good for swimming though.

  6. That is an impressive Police force for only a stolen car O_o

    I am glad you were safe, and that he was unarmed!

    It is raining, raining, raining!