Thursday, June 02, 2011

New Addition

Now I Can Mount My Horses

Even my three step mounting block was proving to be a bit short for mounting Tucker who is nearly 17h.  I had investigated the few places that sold four step blocks, but they are pretty expensive ($200 +shipping.)

I have seen nice wooden mounting platforms at some stables.  I thought it would be a good idea to see if the carpentry shop at school could make me one. But then, I had a brainstorm. I already had the three steps, so all I needed was a platform to stand on one step higher--about 30" up.  There was no need to make steps.

I went to school yesterday and spoke to the teacher. He called me at the end of the day to tell me he'd made the platform.  I picked it up today and brought it home.

So, for your viewing pleasure, my new mounting block approved, of course.
Above, the "judging committee arrives on scene."

 Inspection time.
 And here is the approved structure. I think I got my CO (Certificate of Occupancy) without a problem.

Now, what excuse do I have for not riding at least a little....aside from the fact that Tucker has now lost both front shoes.  He was overdue--I called my shoer over two weeks ago--so I'm not surprised.  Chance needs a trim as well, and my knees still hurt.

But at least I should be able to get on without any trouble.


  1. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Great mounting "block"! Since Maisie (16.2) retired, my largest horse is Pie - 15.3, with Dawn next - 15.1 - and Drift the smallest - 14.3 (although he's broad enough that he fits my leg well). I'm liking my new, shorter, herd - although I still use a mounting block to get on.

  2. I love it! Good thinking. It's nice to have the room to move around on the top of the platform instead of just the small step.

    Funny how things change with age. When I had Erik (17-2 hands) I could mount him from my little carry around hinged box that I used for my grooming supplies. Now I use the four step to mount Blue/15-2 or Dusty 15/1. Hmm, maybe I should really try some stretches for flexibility.

  3. Can we call it a Launch-Pad?

  4. It's not what I had pictured but then that doesn't suprise me. I can "see" things in my little brain a bit goofy sometimes. LOL

    Looks like you have lots of room to move around up there without falling off. For me that would be a big plus. I''ve been using boulders and picnic tables and have been know to fall off on a pretty regular basis.

  5. Superb! I love the way they had to check everything. Great idea and nice platform ^-^

  6. Love the "launch pad"! Looks so stable :)

    The other day I foolishly tried to mount Val (16.2) from a turned over five gallon bucket... you probably know how that went lol.

    Jean - I have loved reading your comments on other blogs for quite a while - and just now found your blog... don't know what took me so long. ;)

  7. that's a good plan! have to say, i'd misunderstood it as well from description, but really good idea.