Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No News Is Good News

And Yet Time Marches On

I am getting in some nice swims every day.  I look at the weather forecast to see if and when the thunderstorms are going to arrive and plan my trip to the pool around them.

Other than that, I sent to demo saddle back to Ansur yesterday and did some shopping on the way home. There were swimsuit separates on sale at JC Penney and I ended up buying something there. I now have an extensive collection of swimsuits to wear to the pool.  I have lost count, actually, but I love to mix and match tops and bottoms and to wear "the color of the day" as the mood strikes me. Silly, but kind of fun.

It's hot here, but not overbearing.  Still, I haven't mustered the energy to go out to mow the lawn. With the rain, it needs it badly. Instead, I am cleaning the house in stages, rather than all at once.  This way it's not so overwhelming. And, I need to keep in mind that I also need to be sure things are arranged in a "handicap" friendly style so that when I have my surgery, I will not be too challenged.

Strangely enough, my knee surgeon's office just sent me a letter today scheduling a post surgery appointment in October. Talk about advance planning.  It does make everything a bit more real, however.

And yet, I am actually kind of looking forward to it all. Not so much the surgery or recovery or rehab work, but for the ultimate results. I've been lucky enough to meet a number of people who have had successful replacements and are simply thrilled with the results. Of course, I want to be able to ride the Boys without pain, but I have another goal in mind as a top priority.

My goal? I want to be able to run again. I don't mean far, and I don't mean serious jogging. I just mean being able to run. It might only be from the barn to the house to keep from getting too wet in a rainstorm, or it might mean running alongside my horse for a vet exam or the farrier.  Right now, I can manage one or two emergency steps at speed and even then I run the risk of having a knee collapse on me. Strangely enough, I have had several dreams where I run.  I find myself jogging home from the end of my road, or somewhere else nearby.  I don't know if it's connected, but I guess running...or not being able to on my mind somewhere.

So, the day I can run again will be a big one.  Here's looking forward to it!


  1. Sounds like you're fashionista at the pool with your many swimsuits. Glad you're having fun swimming.

    Believe it or not I used to be a runner in high school (rely team)but nowadays I only ever run after the grandkids occasionally. I remember my doctor saying it wasn't a good idea to run or jog regularly after a replacement, but I don't think once in a while is harmful. I'm sure your doctor will advise one way or the other. I've had good luck (knock wood) so far with the replacement, the only thing I can't do is kneel on the knee which is kind of annoying but otherwise it's all good.

  2. I guess I take it for granted that I can run, and more than a few steps. It's mostly luck - that I have avoided accidents all my life and that my knees have good conformation.

    I definitely agree with the plan of tackling the house one area or room at a time. It's so much more manageable that way.

  3. Keep dreaming, keep visualising, it will happen!

    I love your idea about mix and matching swimsuit.

    Brilliant ^-^