Monday, June 27, 2011

To New York and Back

Saddle Demo

A bit over two hours of driving got me to my Ansur saddle demo a half hour early.  My client had her horse groomed, but not tacked up as planned.  No problem there. Her nice Morgan mare was rather easy to get settled for the trial rides.

We tried my old Classic first, as my client was considering buying it.  But her mare was not too keen on it. So we tried the new Classic and again, her mare was not thrilled.  The underside of the Classics has little structure and some horses---though not many--I've run into do not like the super close contact of that saddle style.

So, we moved on to the Excel and the mare was definitely happier, but since this was a larger seat size, my client just didn't feel comfortable herself. We wanted to see if the larger seat was better for her, but as soon as we put the petite Excel on her horse, it was clear that was the saddle she needed.   We finished up with the Carlton, another saddle she liked--enough to try to buy it from me.

But, if someone comes here to ride with me, that's the saddle I would use on one of the horses--with the Excel on the other horse.  The Carlton offers a lot of security and is my second choice saddle at the moment, so it's not for sale.

My client is pretty well set on buying an Excel within a few months, so that's good. Right now, the Ansur "factory" is really backed up and it's taking months for the saddles to get made. I know it's frustrating for buyers, but there's not much we can do about it.  Success does have its consequences.

Demo over, I drove the two plus hours back home, relaxed for a bit, fed the Boys and then headed to the swimming pool for my workout.

The water felt great and I got some good exercise.

It was a long day, but hopefully productive.


  1. Good luck with the saddle sale. That's a lot of driving in one day. I'll bet that swim felt extra good today!

  2. Nice day. I love saddles. Some women like bags, or shoes, me it is saddle ... Unfortunately they cost much more than a pair of shoes or bags ...
    In fact when I hear that some designer bag costs as much as my saddle, I always reply that I have more leather for teh same price and a bigger item ^-^

  3. that's a trip and a half - the agent for my saddle has to do the same to get over this side of the country..