Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Squirrels Are Back in Force

How Come?

Apparently, grey tree squirrels do not hibernate. (I know those of you in Great Britain consider these critters as serious pests as they compete with the favored native red squirrel...but here in the US, they are cute little guys with no such competition problem.) Yet, for the bulk of the really cold weather, I only saw one at the little squirrel and bird feeders. Of course, I do not know if it was the same one, or a different squirrel at each siting.

Today, however, the feeders were visited by four squirrels. It was kind of fun to see the entire little group out there again as it almost made me feel as if winter really will end sometime. The temperatures are rising and will touch 40F by the end of the week, so that too is a plus. Still, I am puzzled by why I've only been seeing one squirrel when clearly there is a dray or scurry (I looked that up) of them living in my yard. Regardless, it was fun to see them bouncing about and clearly enjoying the corn and seeds.

The dishwasher saga continues as well. I was pretty determined when I called the store that I was going to get satisfaction one way or the other. If the machine really does not fit, then back it goes with a full refund. But, apparently, when I repeatedly measured my cabinet opening and kept coming up with the standard 24", the store rep finally asked how the installer had measured the opening. I told her I hadn't seen him measure it at all. If he did, I surely didn't see it.

I was also really annoyed with the fact that he had refused to take my old dishwasher away because, according to him, there is no way to to turn the water off to just the dishwasher, so it would leak all over the place when I turned the faucets on.

Lie. (Taking advantage of a woman syndrome here?? Wish I'd looked under the sink before he left to check myself as I did later.)

There is a separate cut off valve for the dishwasher connected to the hot water line. When I told the store rep that, it set her back. She started talking to the other reps in the store and finally decided I needed another installer to come out to put the dishwasher in. We are now scheduled again for Thursday--tomorrow, time yet to be determined.

If, indeed this model does not fit, then I will send it back, but I don't like the idea that someone has tried to pull a con job on me. From all I can tell, dishwashers are pretty standard in size, so most every model I'd buy should fit.

I guess tomorrow, I'll know for sure.


  1. Gosh a real saga! I hope you get a competent installer and get sorted ASAP!

    Lately I have been really shocked by the callousness of people. Is it the crisis that make people selfish and idiotic??? Where is the politeness gone?
    Just a couple of hours ago at the Fruits and veg of my supermarket, my son went to take the plastic gloves required for picking the fruits and vegs, a man was standing by him. Oliver struggled to pick the gloves up. Did the man help? No he just helped himself and walked away, after watching my son struggling for a few minutes. Any help? Oh no, too manly to do so.

    All to be neutered!! Hide the pruning shears I am on a war-path! O_o

  2. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Dray or scurry - what wonderful words?

    Nasty treatment by the installer - why are people that way - I'll never understand it. Perhaps he thought all women were too stupid to figure out that he was lying and was too lazy to remove the old dishwasher - who knows - at least you'll get to play the lottery with a new installer - hope that goes better!

  3. I hope the second try with the dishwasher goes much better for you! I really can not understand why some people feel they can be so rude, callous, indifferent to other people. I mean really, don't they know that what goes around comes around.

  4. My guess is that he just was too lazy to check. It's important that you pointed out your discovery. Hopefully it will result in an improvement in his service.

  5. Ugh. I wish you'd caught the guy in the lie. The look on their face at that moment is priceless. Now you know, I guess.

  6. I used to have a very hard time being taken seriously by contractors, in my construction-related business. I have learned to "show my teeth" to get some respect. "Oh, you want it to look like sh.. on purpose?" is one of my innocent but deadly questions that serve me well.