Sunday, January 24, 2010

Shall I Work A Horse?

Drippy Sunday

It's cloudy with mist, not exactly rain, but enough to keep my windshield wipers on the car going on intermittent--intermittently. I could do something with the Boys, but I'm just not too inspired.

Part of it is body awareness. I have discovered just about all the muscles and part of my body that I use when I ride. And some of them are sore. Of course, my stomach muscles have protested the exercise. No bad, but enough to notice. And my seatbones are somewhat sore. The treeless saddle is heaven to ride in, by the way, but even with all the flexion, riding still requires us to sit on parts of our seatbones we don't sit on normally. (Bicycle rider have issues too, so I am not suggesting that horseback riding is the only way to get sore. *lol*)

But, I have also discovered that my inner thighs are feeling it too. Interesting as that is a place I have never noticed before, except perhaps back in my hunter/jumper days if I was a little out of shape and did a vigorous jumping session. And, unfortunately for me, my knees are really feeling the added activity. I was acutally in pain when I was working Chance yesterday. While I am used to some discomfort, this was extra. I may need another treatment from my knee doctor, but I'll wait and see.

The barn work has made my arms/shoulders a little sore too, but since I really have not done a lot of dressage riding, I haven't noticed the riding affecting me there--yet. Riding Chance and working him down on the bit will probably push me over the edge, though. *G*

I keep remembering years ago reading that sports experts had tested all kinds of athletes and found that jockeys were the most "all around" fit, meaning that all their muscles were developed equally rather than just one or two parts of their bodies being fit. I think this also included their stamina, etc. Now I think I am beginning to understand. Riding really does test your body, both gross motor skills and fine motor skills--strength and finesse.

Think I might sit today out, but we'll see. We are supposed to get some heavy rain tonight, so I may regret not taking advantage of today's mist.

Guess I'll have to think about it.


  1. I know what you mean im stiff as a board today as back into *horsemode* now the snow has finally melted!
    It always amazes me the places I get aches when ive not ridden for a while:))

  2. I've noticed some soreness, too. And I've only ridden twice this week! I'm always amazed at the fitness level and strength required to ride a horse.

    In one of my graduate courses, we were taught that muscle building is the body's response to damage to the muscle. Therefore, to build up muscle properly, you must allow the muscle time to heal itself between workouts. So, my vote is sit this one out. You'll be building muscle as you sit! *G*

  3. If I were you I'd take the day off from riding today. It's nasty out there and maybe your muscles could use a rest to regroup. When I start back after a layoff,my inner thighs always are the worst affected part of my body.

  4. In view of your recent surgery, listening to your self-preservation instincts makes a lot of sense. I rode again on Friday and felt that I was up to stamina and have had no aches as after effects for the first time in ages. Self congratulatory gardening in between rain showers this morning without ankle or knee pain.
    Success is relative and measured against the gage of our choosing.

  5. Anonymous10:42 PM

    Take a break when you need to - there's no rush and the horses won't mind in the slightest!