Thursday, January 14, 2010

Don't Look If You Are Shy

Naked Horse Pics

It did get warm and sunny enought today to let the Boys go without their blankets for the afternoon. So here, for your viewing pleasure, the Naked Boys!
First, of course, is Toby. Trying to get a side shot is nearly impossible. So here he is, coming to check out the camera, nose first.

Tucker did pause in his curiousity. He had already rolled so he's dirty, but since there is no mud at the moment, it was easy to brush off. Ok, no comments about how round he is....*sigh*

And here's Chance. He looked the cleanest of all. I did get one side shot of him, but I was too far away. But this is better than a full in the camera nose shot anyhow. And he looks cute, so who's going to argue?
I did all the barn chores today which was fine. Then I decided to do some poo picking in the arena. Some of the manure is still frozen, but I managed to fill two wheelbarrows. Error! I should have stuck to one and left the second for another day. Frankly, I was pretty worn out, but I did clean up about half the arena--at least where I could get the stuff up. There is a section that stays pretty much in the shade along the barn side, so the footing never really did thaw. Elsewhere it was pretty good.
I came back into the house to rest for a few hours as I needed it. I had no idea how little stamina I actually have.
Then I went back out just before feeding time and brought Tucker in. I saddled him up and rode. That is if you call a total of perhaps three minutes. What a strange feeling! I was just a little insecure--not in my seat--but in my brain. It was as if I hadn't ridden in a year, not just over a month. Strange how aware of your body you become after you've had an injury or illness, or in this case, surgery. There is, I think, a sense of overprotectiveness, as if any unusual movement will somehow be a problem. I was a little nervous.
But Tucker was a sweetie. At first he moved off cautiously, as if he too were unsure. Then I patted him and reassured him and he strode off with a nice forward walk. We trotted a few circuits on each rein, but the footing was only good on the one side, so I had to be careful where we turned. After a bit more walk, I called it a day.
To be sure, I was very clear about thanking Tucker for giving me such a good, quiet first ride back and he seemed quite pleased to have been the chosen one.
Tomorrow, we'll see.
Tragedies like the earthquake in Haiti do make me think of all the blessings I have. Besides the horses and the dishwasher, already noted earlier, I have just come through a surgery without a lot of difficulty. Yesterday, I drove to the doctor's office myself and realized how easy and convenient it was to have medical care so readily available. We have at least four good hospitals less than an hour away, and doctor's offices all over the place. My primary care physician is only about 15 minutes away. There are also emergency clinics nearby, and a first aid squad for emergencies.
Those of us with such blessing on our doorsteps need to remember to count them now and then and say "Thank you," to whatever spirit you believe is watching over you.
So, "Thanks, Tucker for being my caretaker today," and "Thank you, God, for granting me this life."


  1. my view is, if you've got sun, we might get it soon as well...

    glad to read you have been able to ride - but i agree, it is scary when you first get on after an enforced absence through injury of some sort. a totally different feeling from an enforced absence due to, for example, the weather!

  2. Anonymous5:58 PM

    It's good to remember to give thanks - I know I for one tend to take things for granted sometimes.

    Glad you got in a brief ride, and the boys got to be naked. It does take some time to build your stamina up after time off, so take it slow.

  3. Congratulations on your first ride after your surgery. I know how you feel, try it after about 8-9 months and worrying about a fall and mangling a metal knee.

    Your boys look gorgeous and he's not fat he's just a little chunky monkey and adorable. I can't pick out the poo it's still frozen and the paddocks look awful.

    It's always good to remember we should be thankful for all we have. I'm guilty of sometimes taking things for granted too and not counting all the good things in my life.

  4. Congratulations on your successful ride! It is a bit intimidating to be back in the saddle after a surgery, but it's also so empowering and uplifting. Something about riding a horse just makes the world seem right again.

    And Tucker's not fat.....he's festively plump.

  5. Anonymous7:52 PM

    And I forgot to mention how lovely the boys look - Tuck looks just like Maisie - robust!

  6. Gorgeous Tucker looks just like .. a broodmare HAHAHA.
    Sorry I could not help to take the mickey of your favourite pony.

    He seemed to have been a very reliable mount!

    I am happy that you could have a nice quiet ride, just build slowly on it. Anyway your horses are as unfit as you are.

    Have fun and take your time!

  7. Anonymous7:38 PM

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