Thursday, January 21, 2010

Not As Fit As I Wanna Be

Wonder How the Horses Feel?

My muscles were sore today. I only rode Tucker for about 25 minutes total, with five of those out in the woods...some of it walking. I really felt it in my stomach muscles. I wonder if Tucker's muscles noticed too.

It did not help that Chance was a bad boy this morning. He was bound and determined to come into the barn via Toby's stall at morning feed. I blocked the way. For a moment or two, he agreed, but then he decided to bolt on in. It may have been that Toby was on the way, heading for the same door, but STILL!! He knocked me over. I half fell in the soft shavings of Toby's stall, so no real damage done, although I probably will have a few sore spots.

So, I went back into the barn, picked up a lead rope, collected Chance from the aisle in front of his stall and led him back into Toby's stall for some remedial work. Since Toby was in there already, Chance semi-panicked again and ran out the door to the end of the lead and then stopped. I will not have one of my horses barge past me like that, I pulled him back in. At this point, Toby, ever the gentleman decided to give us room, backed away from his feed tub and went outside to wait until the session was over. I led Chance into the stall and then, one step at a time, slowly led him back out. Then, pausing every few strides to remind him of his manners on the lead, I took him to his own stall the long way around the barn. He was perfectly behaved, as I expect my horses to be, at that point, so I made him wait until I said it was OK to eat his breakfast and left it at that.

Sometimes even the best trained horses can be unpredictable. We are wise to remember that. Stressing manners every time you handle your horses is a valuable thing to keep in mind. I'll be a little more on top of things next time.

I went to breakfast with a friend, did some shopping on the way home and eventually headed out to the barn in the late afternoon.

Since I could still feel the aftereffects of my ride yesterday, I opted for a lunge session and worked Chance. He was excellent--obedient and responsive at all three gaits on both hands.

I thought about lungeing Tucker, but decided to spend the rest of my energy grooming the arena. Out I went on the tractor pulling the arena rake behind. I did drag the paddock a little on the way, but too much of it was frozen to accomplish a lot.

I must admit, I do enjoy seeing the arena after I've dragged it. But I must also admit I am REALLY glad I did not try to drive the tractor before this. The bouncing around does a number on my stomach muscles. Just what I needed, more exercise without riding.

I guess there is more than one way to get fit!! *G*


  1. What is it about a freshly dragged ring, I love it too and I'm guilty of trying to make designs!

    I'm not surprised you're muscles are sore, it's a lot to do all at once.

    It's always good to have horses with manners. I always try to make sure my guys know how to behave, they're just too big to run amok.

  2. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Getting your core back in shape takes time, and you'll probably feel it until you do.

    Barging is a bad thing - glad you were able to do some remedial work to nip it in the bud - sounds like what Sugar did to her owner a few days ago and they worked it through right away and she's been fine since.

  3. Chance and Spider must be plotting together, layups make for naughty horses.

    I was sore after riding yesterday, too. I completely wussed out and didn't even lunge, so you've got me beat! I don't even have a surgery to blame for my soreness.

  4. Naughty Chance. I wonder if he sensed a different vibe from you recently and was testing your leadership.

  5. I totally get the feeling of not being fit after a hiatus from riding... even a short one!
    It also seems to me that the older I get the faster my fitness leaves me and the longer it takes to get it back!!
    Oh well, gives us something to work on :)

    Glad youwere able to give Chance a lesson on manners. It is a good reminder that even well behaved animals can be unpredictable.

  6. So glad you are getting back to form Jean. Take it steady and you'll be 100% before you know it.


  7. glad you were ok after being kocked over, not clever even when fully fit! bad lad!

    hope you're not doing too much, it isn't THAT long since your op!