Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Red Sky at Morning, Sailor's Take Warning

Red Sky at Night, Sailor's Delight

And a rainbow to boot. The bow was much brighter when I went out to feed the Boys last night. I dashed into the house to get the camera and by the time I was back outside, this is the faded version that greeted me. You have to look closely in the center of the picture to see it, but for the while it lasted, the rainbow was beautiful.

And so was the sunset. I treked over to the sandpit/lake across the road to get these shots. The lake is huge as you can see, and the sky matched perfectly.
The old adage was right. Today was a beautiful day. Still wet, however, with puddles all over the place, including the arena. Of course, there was the added attraction of mud everywhere, so Tucker had his own private turnout in the arena. I kept everyone out of the pasture as well, mostly again because of the mud.
But the day was sunny with enough breeze to dry things out quite a bit. It looks as if I can put all three Boys in the pasture/arena tomorrow.
I did not ride again today because I had a chiropractic adjustment. I was also approved for some physical therapy, so I'll be starting that either this week or next. Strangely, they only gave me six visits over the next 5 weeks or so, making it about 1 1/2 visits a week? Weird. But I just realized, my part time teaching job will star either the end of February or beginning of March, so if I do these six sessions and then take a break, it will be fine. It is very hard to do PT when I am teaching all day. I just don't have that two hour time slot to surrender. I'll talk to my therapists to see what they say.
I've left Tuck in for the night again. His shoe is still on. Scott called and will be coming to shoe sometime next week, so that will be good. I'm looking forward to seeing Mic, his dog, my play partner.
I didn't notice the sunset tonight. Funny how sometimes I just don't look.


  1. The pictures were beautiful and it's always a treat to see a rainbow amongst the colors.

    I'm sure Mic will be glad to see you again.

  2. Beautiful photos - thanks! What part-time teaching job - do tell.

  3. Beautiful photos! I've always been told that a rainbow means good things are coming.

    I found that I only needed one PT session per week. I was able to do the exercises they taught me at home. I actually still do some of them when my back is feeling out of sorts.

  4. The first picture could be a scene from a "My Little Pony" cartoon. All cotton candy clouds and rainbows to gallop over. The sunsets are making us wait a little longer each day. Have you noticed?

  5. Superb photo!
    I am happy for you to start PT teaching. It will be good for you. My MIL did it for a while, then slowly she filled her days with new activities and friends, and finally stopped. But I think it is a good transition from full-time working to retirement.

    Now I have a question for you. You can write it either on my blog or on yours. I thought that on yours perhaps it would be interesting to others people.

    I would like you to write an essay on shoulder-in ... joking! But I would be grateful, if you could write up something about shoulder-in.
    First detailing the bio-mechanics, the goal, how to do it, the rider's mistake, and the horse's problem. Okay yes it is an essay O_o
    I am searching in my Dressage books and internet, but I cannot find a satisfactory explaination of it.
    I would like to know which joints are moved over, which muscles are stretched?

    Teena has her right diagonal always late than the left, hence always dropping THAT right shoulder. So at the left hand, I asked her to shoulder-in. But is it correct? is it not her left hind that has to step well under?

    See confusion! confusion!

    Or should I asked her to travers to the right????

    Saul works her by preparing to spin to teh left. But I was thinking of a more "classical" exercise. Because reining exercises are quite extreme always in deep or overbending laterally, and over-use of spurs ....

    Sorry I wrote an essay too!

    Let me know what you think!