Monday, January 04, 2010


Cats In Winter Nothing quite matches a cat's ability to relax and winter is the perfect time for a nap. Here we have DJ, on the left, and Reggie on the right, totally relxed on the fleece blanket I left rumpled on my bed. I wanted to wrap up in it myself, but when I found this, I gave up the idea. Like Mohammed's robe, the blanket stayed where it lay until my kitties decided to wake up on their own.

DJ is the most confident, friendliest cat I own. He is always ready for a cuddle. He and Reggie are supposedly brothers, but it's hard to tell. Reggie is a live wire with his own agenda in life. He will cuddle when he wants too and is very sweet, but he also often wants to be entertained. This includes my bopping around a dangly cat toy on a string so he can simply hide behind something and watch. While he does pounce and play sometimes, he seems to think that my job is to play "cat TV" so he can just observe my and the toy's antics.
This is Church, or Choo-choo, as I call him. I used the flash when I took the picture, so his coat is a little lighter gray in the photo than in real life. But he is definitely a silver boy. He is posing under the Christmas tree in the by window. Church was rescued from a city street in the dead of winter about 4-5 years ago. He speaks with his eyes and if that doesn't work, he will offer a plaintive "meow" to accent whatever request he might be making. He's not one to sit on your lap, but does like to be petted. He also likes to sleep alongside me in bed, cuddling close.

I have a feeling he is a little intimidated when I am taller than he is, so he's comfortable when I am lying down and he can walk over top of me before snuggling down for the night.
And this handsome fellow, all dressed up in his formal "clothes" is Scooter. He was adopted from a cat colony about ten miles from here. When I brought him home was was small enough to fit in one hand. He, like Church, feels a little more comfortable when he is above me. If I lie or sit on the couch, he will climb up behind me, groom my hair a little, and expect me to pet him in return.

He was terrified and panicked when I first tried to trim his claws, but now, after several years of determined practice, he is good about it. He has a super purr and a totally sweet disposition.

These little guys are wonderful company and have, I'm sure, helped me in my recovery. How can you feel too bad with a purring cat nestled by your side?


  1. They are all gorgeous and well pampered. I'm sure all the animals at your place have aided in your recovery. I think having furry critters around always helps the healing process.

  2. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Lovely cats! Cats were made for healing (or maybe people were made to be heating pads for cats, who knows!).

  3. I love ctas, so does my hubby. They are wonderful creatures, so gooffy and also elegant and mysterious.
    Curch and is beautiful. I very much like Reggie. I had a big black cat when I was young named Max.

    I enjoy their compagny so much, I also think they make me a better horsewoman, as you cannot force a cat to love you or to be with you. You have to be fair.

    I am convinced they helped you in your recovery. I spend at least 30 minutes a day with Minnie, my silver grey cat on my lap just cuddling. I can feel the stress of life washing away.