Monday, January 11, 2010

Snow Illusion

What Did I See?

I woke up this morning just before dawn. It seemed really white out, so I peered out the window and was totally convinced we had had a dusting of snow. I am sure I even saw light snow lying on the branches of the little evergreen bush just outside my bedroom window.

Sighing in resignation, I climbed back into bed to sleep until daylight.

Imagine my confusion when I woke about about an hour later to see absolutely no sign of snow anywhere!

I wake up quickly, so I am not prone to being one of those bleary eyed morning people. Now, I do wear contact lenses/glasses and last night I had taken my lenses out for one of their two weekly non-sleep in days, but I can see fairly well without either--at least well enough to see snow on some branches less than ten inches from my window.

I'm sure too that I was awake as I also made a trip to the bathroom after I saw the snow.

I am totally baffled. Had it not been for my distinct vision of the snow on the branches, I might suspect I had looked out in the pale light of dawn and been tricked by how washed out everything appeared to be. But those branches.....

Was I walking in a dream? Was I having a vision of the future? What the heck happened?

As the King said, "'Tis a puzzlement." (The King and I)

Broken from my illusion of the moring, I went out to feed the Boys. Everyone looks just fine, and I have to laugh that several times while I was out there, Toby actully went to eat some of his hay before he finished his pellets. When I tell you that hay is lovely, I mean it. Soft and grassy, with nice little clover flowers, all sweet and green. It must be quite tasty.

It is supposed to warm up by the end of the week, and by then I may have clearance from the doctor to get back to more normal activities. If that includes riding, I will definitely take advantage of the break in the Arctic air to get in the saddle at least for a little while.

Maybe a little riding will clear my head of these illusions!


  1. Strange things happen sometimes - who knows what it was?

    We've been having really nice hay in our rounds bales - sort of unusual, but we'll take it. Hope the doctor gives you the all clear to take up your usual activities!

  2. That's unusual, maybe there was snow on the branches but by the time daylight hit the wind had blown it off.

    Glad you've got some good hay they're enjoying. Hope the doctor gives you an all clear for resuming some normal activities. There's nothing worse than being stuck in the house. I did it for about 4 months after my surgery. It's enough to drive you batty. Good luck.

  3. Weird...maybe lucid dreaming??