Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Terrorist Turkeys

Finally conquered the migraine last night. Blessed relief.

But, woke up to some fairly steady rain. I had planned on giving a riding lesson to a local student this morning, but no indoor meant no ride. We postponed until some time on Thursday.

Then I connected with a saddle client and set up an appointment to demo the Ansur tomorrow. That should be fun as I hear her stable is beautiful. Her horse has some serious saddle fitting issues, so I hope the new pommel on the Excel will be perfect.

Then since it was raining, I decided to go see the new Harry Potter film. The theater was almost empty as I went to the 12:30 showing, hoping perhaps that would not be one of the more popular times. Good deal on the tickets too as the theater prices were lower for the matinee.

Hit the supermarket for a few items on the way home, and now I am planning on going out to dinner as part of a fundraiser for the Watershed Partnership.

Apparently, the turkey flock is much the source of my horses' uneasiness and their unwillingness to come in for meals. This morning, in the rain, they wanted to stay out in the pasture. When I finally went out to lead them in, the turkeys had left the back yard and were now in the top corner of the pasture. All three Boys just rooted their feet to the ground and stared at the birds instead of heading for grain and the dry barn.

Tonight the turkflock was in the back yard again, and the Boys did not want to come in for dinner. Since I had my good clothes on--just back from the movies--I didn't traipse across the paddock to escort them in. I suppose I will check to see if they finally ate before I go out again.

I guess I am going to have to get up really early to see just what those turkeys are telling the Boys that's keeping them from coming in for food.

If it is a Turkey Terrorist movement, I need to know about it.


  1. Anonymous6:25 PM

    I saw Harry Potter yesterday too - not too bad as such things go. Luckily, we have no turkey problem around here - that sounds a bit challenging.

  2. I'm surprised they're not more used to the turkeys by now. They must be some very tough turkeys to command such respect from very large animals.

  3. Turkey terrorisdt movement ROFLM
    What a bunch of willies! I cannot believe they are terrorised by Turkey. Are they big? Are they very noisy? How many are they?

    Your horses need to have a bit more "cow" in them, they should be herding these monster turkeys ^-^

    Thanks you really cheered me up this morning .

  4. must catch up with harry potter... i have still to read the last book, and have missed 2 films i think ... lost track abit! partner not interested...

    turkey terrorism... that's not good! LOL though.