Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Full Migraine


Laid up all day with a full migraine. Two visits to the chiropractor finally seemed to have fixed it.

I did everything I could. Ice packs, heat packs and my cervical pillow only in bed--so no couch. Got adjusted in the morning, and by late afternoon, vertabrae were "out" again. My chiropractor kind of expected me to be back, he said, since I'd told him in the AM I would return. Fortunately, I only have to pay for one visit. If there is a return on the same day the second one is free.

Comment here on the much debated US health insurance issues. My insurance policy, which is one of the better ones, allows 30 chiropractic visits a year. I used mine up last week, so now I have to pay. So, here I was with a debilitating migraine and, if I had no money, I would have no way of fixing what caused it.

Take that an extend it to a life threatening illness and what would an uninsured person do? Yes, there are circumstances where hospitals must treat people, regardless, but how long might someone put off going in for care if they had no money to pay and no insurance?

President Obama wants health care reform, and Congress is fuddling around debating, arguing and some members even threatening to kill the effort in order to "Get the President." Politics should have no play here. The American people deserve better from our elected leaders.


  1. Anonymous7:14 AM

    So sorry about the head and neck pain - hope you feel all better soon. Couldn't agree more with you about the need to fix the health care system.

  2. it's like the debate over here before the NHS was born... but over here, the Labour Party overrode the money interest and did the job. Whether that can happen in America is another matter. Hilary Clinton tried, didn't she? and got fried....(sorry, i could "hear" tha coming but couldn't resists)