Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pain in the Neck

Tarnation, I Hate When This Happens

My neck started to bother me on Friday. I went to the chiropractor and got it adjusted. Then, late Friday night, as I was trying to sleep, it really started to bother me. So, Saturday morning, I went back for another adjustment. Things did not clear up completely, so I went for a swim which helped immensely.

But again, as the night wore on, it started to bother me again. Not seriously, but just very annoyingly. So here I sit, watching the Tour with a hot pack on me, waiting for the cold pack to chill off again so I can alternate. I will swim again later as that often helps.

Whether or not I work the Boys all depends on how I feel later. The weather is gorgeous again too, with lower humidity. When I got out of the pool yesterday, despite the temperatures being in the upper 80's, the air felt cool on my wet skin. Nifty.

Guess I'll just play it by neck to see how the day progresses.


  1. It's such a nice day today weather wise. I just got off Dusty, we had a nice ride. I do hope your neck feels better soon so you can get in some ride time before it turns humid again.

  2. I hope you get better soon. My back is bothering me a bit. I have bveen neglecting for a while. so on monday I am booking a chiropractor ...

  3. have you tried an orthopaedic pillow jean? i have one and it's great, my neck's been vastly better since i got it... only trouble is i forgot to fetch it with me on holiday!