Friday, July 17, 2009

Just When I Figured Something Out

In Comes Summer With a Vengeance

Bit of a shock going out to feed in the morning when it is already hot and humid. That was yesterday and again today.

I opted out of working the horses because of the sudden change in weather, perhaps more because of me than because of them. Instead, I went for my swim and did a few minor chores inside.

This morning, Friday, same thing so far. I will have to wait until evening hoping that it will cool off. There may be thunderstorms coming through, though. The weather forecast says the humidity will drop a bit in the afternoon, and it actually says it's not too bad this morning, but you can't prove it by me the way it feels out there.

Strange horse behavior this morning when I went out to feed. The Boys simply did not want to come in...or they wanted to come in but wouldn't. My little herd milled about at the pasture gate and even after I went out to escort them, no one made a move towards the barn. They kept looking towards the woods area.

Now, there was the entire four turkey flock at the bird feeder this morning, and from what I can see, it is apparently one tom and three hens. Now, according to what I've read, it is not turkey breeding season, but that does not mean the birds will not get aggressive. It could be the horses came upon them suddenly near the barn and the tom decided to charge?

They are also paving my road out front, but the horses didn't seem to be looking in that direction, so I doubt the equipment and noise disturbed them, but it might have worked along with whatever else was the problem.

Finally, with a bit of coaxing, Chance led the way in and, with attention still focused on the woods, everyone finally came in to eat. Looks as if they are still hanging out around the barn, so whatever it was must be OK now.

Did you ever wish you had a surveillance camera on your horses 24/7 just so see what really goes on when you're not there?


  1. It's hot and humid here too. I hate this kind of weather.
    Wonder what they saw in the woods? It's anybody's guess why they do the things they do I guess. I've always wanted to put up a 'horsey cam' just to see what goes on when I'm not watching. And I'd like one for the house to watch the dogs too, and see what they do all day.

  2. boy ain't THAT the truth? (Barn cam, et al) Countless times have I arrived home, puzzled by a sight not 'of the norm' . . . did you take a walk out to see what it might have been?