Monday, July 06, 2009

Just Relaxing

Hot and Dry

Nice day but the temperature was up. Fortunately, not the humidty, so it was kind of OK outside.

I watched the Tour de France again. Really quite an exciting stage as a group of 27 broke away from the main group (peloton) towards the end and picked up nearly 40 seconds on the rest of the riders. Lance Armstrong was among the breakaway group as was Fabian Cancellara, the current race leader. The consequences are that Armstrong has moved up into 3rd place overall from 10th. While it is far too early in the 22 stage race to make any judgments, those who suggested that Lance is "washed up," and never should have come out of retirement need to swallow their words. He has made his mark already and whatever he does in the race from now on is just icing on the cake.

Tomorrow is the team time trial, so I shall again be locked to the television in the morning to watch. There is something just beautiful about watching the matching bikes, uniforms and riders speeding across the French countryside....and will Astana win???

OK, enough Tour. Went out in the aftenoon to do some weed/branch, stuff cutting and trimming. About a total of one and a half hour's work did me in completely. Too hot out there in the sunshine.

I went for a swim after feeding the Boys dinner. Did my laps, rode the lazy river and now I am settling in for the evening--too content and relaxed to do much else.

Guess the Boys are having another day off.


  1. The boys won't care - hope you enjoy your day off!

  2. I forgot about the Tour de France. Very funny weather, not so hot well always 30 degrees centigrade plus, but very very very humid.

    We are all taking minerals salts supplements, for the amount of sweat lost.

    I bet the boys are just fine, they have not yet realised that you are a retired teacher, hence a FULL-TIME horse-trainer. They will have a shock in September ^-^