Thursday, July 09, 2009

Bug Armor

I Am An OnLine Shopper

The bug armor is available through numerous sellers on the Internet. I think Jeffers Equine offers one of the lowest prices, but a Google search is worth the time as is a search on EBay
Here is the Jeffers link:

I add a fully riding fly mask with ear covers for complete protection. And, I have schooled dressage in the armor, so it works for more than just trail rides in the buggy woods.

Ok, so I had a productive day, but probably will not ride. The weather is lovely, again, and I spent the afternoon cleaning the area in front of the barn, under the overhang where I park the tractor. There was a huge pile of loose hay, baling twine and "stuff." It took me four tractor bucket loads to clean it out. Then, I carted in four or so tractor scoops of grit to fill in and level the area. It looks SO nice.

But, while I was inside for a while, my friend Shelley called to ask if she could drop by tomorrow with her thesis for me to critique/proofread. We've been doing this kind of thing for years as Shelley has pursued her Master's and now Doctorate.

Trouble is, the house is in disarray. I started to clean a few days ago, but the nice weather took me outside instead. So now the lawn is mowed, branches are trimmed, the barn front is tidy and the sink is again full of dishes, the stuff I brought home from school is still scattered about, and clutter reigns.

Guess I will be spending the evening tidying up. No biggie as I needed to do it anyhow. This is perfect motivation, but it will take some time away from the outdoor activities. I might catch a swim later, or I might not. I have to wait until the swim team practice is over, though. But by then it might be too cool out.

Guess I'll stick to cleaning.


  1. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Thanks! I'll check it out, if Maisie and I aren't carried off by mosquitos before then, that is!

  2. I'll check out the bug armor just to see what it's all about. We haven't been too bad yet, but they do have their fly masks on everyday.

    I'm sure you have the typical horse person's house. The outside looks great, especially the barn. So if there's a few dishes in the sink and some dust around...who cares.