Saturday, July 04, 2009


Morning Lunge

I decided to lunge this morning. That way I could watch Chance go to see what happens with his right hind leg. And, I just didn't feel like tacking up to ride. It was hot, but dry and hot with an intermittent breeze. This should be perfect weather for the picnic I'm going to.

Anyhow, I worked Tucker first. He was a little lazy at the start, but it was easy to encourage some good energy. I am pleased to see that progress and also how sharp he is to the canter depart. If I ever want to develop some flying changes, I have to get him quick to the canter. There is see some steady improvement.

For some variety, I set up a single jump a bit over 2' high along the rail. Tuck is SO casual about jumping. He first just kind of trotted up to it and hefted himself over. He never got excited, and never really bothered to pick up the pace unless I really urged him on. As I've said before, he looks quite athletic over the fence, so I think he has some potential--but not with me. I'll do little jumps now and then, but my over fences career is over.

I brought Chance out, fully expecting him to be short on the right hind. Not so. At least not very. Only because I was looking for something did I notice just a little "hitch" in that leg. But, I moved him up into the canter, and then, when he transitioned back down, it looked even sounder. The other good sign was that he easily and willingly took the right lead canter with only one false start in the middle of the flat session.

I lowered the jump to just a bit over a foot, and sent Chance at it. If Tucker is casual, Chance is downright alseep. He does jump, but makes even less an issue of the whole affair. (Toby always bounds over with my Boys run the full gamut of styles.) I urged him into the canter just to get some good impulsion, and he still kept a totally calm demeanor. No nonsense, even when he tripped two strides out, nearly went down on his knees and then picked himself up and went over the jump anyhow. What a trooper!!

I'll get a good swim in today along with some delicious picnic food.

Lovely day to celebrate our national independence and just enjoy all life has to offer.

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  1. Hope you had your swim and a nice picnic.
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