Saturday, May 11, 2013


On a Hot Day

I got a call in the early morning--6:30 AM--to go in to substitute on Friday. I hadn't slept really well, but that doesn't stop me. So I fed the Boys and headed off for school.

I left a little later than I wanted to, and, of course, ran into nearly every traffic issue I could find on the way. I got stuck behind a very slow truck on my road and then he had to stop for a landscaper's truck backing out of a driveway. Then, on the highway, I ran into a massive slowdown due to construction.

But I was still lucky. I was heading north. Had I been trying to go south, I might have been caught behind a huge group of bicyclists--there might have been 300--on the NJ Police Unity Tour.
The whole set of lanes on US 130 were blocked and behind the riders. As well, all the crossover roads were shut down while the bikers passed. I don't know of they were making any kind of stops to let the huge line of motor vehicles stuck behind them to pass at any point, but it didn't look to good from what I saw.

Got to school a little late, but well in time for homeroom and had a generally fun day. I was subbing for the English teacher I filled in for a couple years ago when she had her baby, so I was well adapted to both the subject and her schedule.

It was a hot day for May with temperatures up to at least 85F.  Since the school is air conditioned, I was a bit surprised when I stepped out into the sunlight at the end of the day. As planned, I headed over to the gym and the indoor swimming pool.  I did 12 laps all told with two of butterfly just to up the ante.

I took the back route home only to run into more traffic congestion. One of the traffic reports on the radio was noting congestion all over the place just due to traffic volume rather than any kind of obstructions. I guess it was not a good day to be out driving.

Home again, I fed the Boys, took a short walk out to the pasture to fix some fence rails and then collapsed in the house. While I considered working one of the horses, it was just too unexpectedly hot and I was surprisingly tired, so I opted out.

Today, Saturday, it's been raining off and on all day.  I did take advantage of what I thought was a dry spell to take my walk. Ten minutes out and it started to shower. Nothing big and no thunder, so I pressed on and ended up walking for a good 40 minutes.

The arena is really wet and little storms keep cropping up--some with thunder--so I probably won't risk a ride.

I do have to admit it was kind of fun surprising Chance when I emerged from the woods at the back gate. I'd left through my front yard and circled all the way back. I could almost hear him saying, "Where the heck did you come from?"

He came over for a pat once he recognized me.  Maybe tomorrow I'll take him out on nearly the same track I followed today. I suspect he'll take less than 40 minutes to do the trail.

Four legs can cover ground a lot faster than my two.


  1. Swimming, walking, riding!? And working too - you are so active these days! What a pain the traffic is around your parts. Around here, out of the city proper, rush hour is definitely noticeable but not impossible.

    We are just heading into the first hot weather of the season ourselves. Tuesday will be 85 and with that, I imagine, that bugs will start to hatch out.

  2. I'd have been tired too with all you did in one day. I have no patience for traffic and now that te weather is warming up seems lie everyone is on the move.