Friday, May 10, 2013


I Nearly Forget Choir Rehearsal

I spent the early afternoon napping and woke up with all kinds of ideas of what to do with the rest of the day.

First on the agenda was a nice walk. I headed out to the tree farm and managed about 40 minutes or so at a rather good pace. The terrain is a bit hilly in several places. Nothing huge, but enough to make me feel the work going up.

Then I got home and fed the Boys figuring I'd manage a ride or workout with Tucker later. It had rained pretty heavily the day before, as predicted, so parts of the arena were really wet.  I thought I'd take the time to long line him.

While the Boys were eating I headed to the supermarket to stock up on a few proteins for my breakfast.  I wanted some good whole wheat bread, cottage cheese and some fruit to eat with it.  By the time I got home it was going on 6:15 or so.

I was nearly out to the barn to long line when I suddenly realized it was Thursday--choir night.

Major change of plans. I grabbed the lunge line and the halter. A carrot bribed Tucker into my keeping and I    led him out to the arena for a lungeing session.  He was a very good boy, which was also very good as I really didn't have enough time to fuss with him if he needed any extra discipline.

My only problem was that Toby managed to sneak into the arena with us by knocking down a fence rail. Why? I'll never know. He doesn't seem to want to work himself, but he does feel the need to supervise the training of the other horses. By in large he stayed out of the way, but on Tucker's last few circles, he headed right into the path of travel. Fortunately, we avoided a collision and were able to finish up without further incident.

I wonder if Toby actually does want to be captured and worked a little?  I was thinking I ought to ride him just a bit now and then. Maybe he's trying to tell me something.

It was off to choir shortly after. The season is nearly over so rehearsals are getting shorter.

Soon, I won't have to remember choir practice for the summer.

But not yet.


  1. Good that you remembered in time. I'm guilty of forgetting things until the last minute too.

    Maybe Toby does want to be included in the work schedule. Guess you won't know until you try it :)

  2. I am impressed with your walking! Forty minutes withs some hills is definitely exercise! Keep it up!

    Maybe Toby would like to have a short ride to connect with you?