Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Rain's On The Way

But Not Today

We actually need some rain. I'm surprised to say that as it seems rain was the order of the day nearly all winter long. But now the ground is really dry.  Of course, that means my lawn will grow like crazy over the next few days and I'll have to go out to mow it again. But it's a small price to pay for some good natural hydration.

I took advantage of the nice day by spending several hours napping inside. I didn't sleep well last night for some reason, so when I got tired I just napped.

But virtue arose in early afternoon and I headed out to the barn to ride Chance.

We took a nice longish ride all the way to the back of the woods. There, along the edge of the farm we struggled for over 6 years to preserve, we had a nice bit of very forward trot. It was interesting that Chance moved out like that because for the first time in a long while he was slow on the way out. It was a bit warmer today, so perhaps that had something to do with it, but he just didn't have his usual trail ride enthusiasm.

The way home was a bit friskier. Nothing serious, but definitely more forward. The only problem was that the part of the trail we were on had all kinds of tricky detours around fallen trees. I haven't quite memorized all the little side paths yet, so I had to keep checking him when he tried to jog.  It didn't help that there were some little gnats out. For some reason they bother him a lot. I think it may be his big wide white blaze. I did buy a face mask with and extended nose just for him so the next time I go out I will have to remember to put it on him. The gnats make him toss his head and sometimes even try to jig.

Once home, I fed all three Boys and then sneaked back out to the woods and field for a short walk. I was out for about another 20-25 minutes going around the front cornfield. I didn't want Pepper to follow me as the last part of the walk is near the road.

If it does rain tomorrow I may still get my walk in. I figure that until the swimming season starts, I will replace laps of the pool with laps of the land.

Another good day at Follywoods.


  1. Another great day at Follywoods! Glad you got out on the trails. I'm actually waiting for the rain tonight too, we could use it. Got some weeding done today and some walking too. Think we should both sleep good tonight :)

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