Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Long Walk and Another Ride

Just How Far Was It?

I hiked around the sandpit lake yesterday. I did not take my GPS with me so I'm not sure how far it was, but it took me a bit over an hour and fifteen minutes at a good pace.  It was really hot out too, so I did have a few regrets, but by the time I decided I should have chosen another day, I was beyond the halfway point and there was no sense in turning back.
 The swan and some ducks on the sandpit lake.
 This and the following pictures should give you some sense of the size of the lake.
 I suspect it's three or so miles around?  Next time I take the GPS.
The pictures below show a very historic feature of the area. This is called "The Great Ditch." It was dug by hand in Colonial times in a failed effort to drain the Pigeon Swamp so the land could be farmed. The Ditch stretches for quite a distance and this part is where it begins. Now it is a significant part of the Lawrence Brook Watershed system which is a prime source of drinking water to the area. The lake above is manmade from all the sand and gravel mining that was done in the area since the 1950's.  It does not connect to the Great Ditch. 

Today, Thursday, I got up a little earlier to feed the Boys. Then I rode out to meet my friend Christina again. This time we were out for about 2 1/2 hours all told. Just walking, with Chance being a good boy once more. 

I am currently connected to the barn's well and water supply because something has gone wrong with the well supplying my house. Hopefully it's just a bad foot valve in the well itself, but that requires a well company to come out. I have limited funds at this point, so I'm just hanging in there until I find out. At any rate, my local plumber hooked me up so that I can use the barn's water through a hose. Not the best solution, but it will hold me until we can get the other system fixed. *sigh*  

It just never ends.


  1. The lake is beautiful. Interesting history about the ditch digging. You're really getting in lots of walking, bet you feel great.

    Sounds like another nice ride today. It was hot though. I give you credit I've never liked riding in extreme heat and try to avoid it.

  2. probably about 4 miles i would have thought... you will have to remember your GPS. take chance round it and record it whilst riding, thus saving your own legs!

    1. Can't ride around it. There are well locked, secure gates and I do not have permission for the horses. It is private property. There are also a couple places where it would be dangerous on horseback. What I might be able to do would be to ride my bike--if it were in shape to ride....

  3. Beautiful country.......

  4. that's a shame.....