Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Party Time!

I went to a graduation party for Milos Tosic, the clarinetest whose Masters recital I attended.  This was after church.  I know nearly all the people who attended and met a few new ones as well.  Two young pianists had some fun playing several piano for four hands pieces, the Corgis entertained everyone, and the food was wonderful!

I ate, but kept it well under control, as I am still on my program to lose weight.  I can eat anything I want, but I just watch the portions.  And, I've been avoiding sugar as much as possible.  In this case, I left the party before the cake was served--it was already nearing 7:30 PM, and I prefer not to do the over and hour drive home in the dark.  I'd been there since 2:30, so I certainly didn't shortchange my stay.  

It was a lovely afternoon and evening.  But it was raining.  That kind of put a damper on doing much with the horses. 

Monday? I did quite a bit of housecleaning.  There's still a ton more to do, but for now at least the front of the house is tidy.  My good friend Shelley is coming to stay for a day or two, so it looks decent for her. My goal is a real purge and cleaning.  I did throw away a lot of stuff cluttering up the area, but there is so much more to get rid of.  

I've just decided to take it a little at a time, exactly the same way I am losing weight.  My nutritionist likes her clients to lose a pound a week. I figure I can get rid of a pound of clutter along with the weight and by the end of summer, I will be slim and have a clean house!

So far today, I did some more touch up cleaning.  But here's how it goes at Follywoods.  (By the way, I did the barn chores in the morning and then took a 50 minute walk.)  I vacuumed the living room and then went out and vacuumed the kitchen/dining area. All well and good. Then I headed down the hall, vacuumed there and vacuumed the two little rugs in the bathroom.  

I was about to wind the vacuum cord up, when I looked back up the hall to the living room only to see dry cat food scattered all over the place.  The vacuum's cord had snagged a cat food dish by the refrigerator and spilled dry food all over the floor area I had just vacuumed.  

Typical. A chore once done is never truly done at Follywoods. 

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  1. That's always the way it goes isn't it? Two steps forward and one step back.