Saturday, May 18, 2013

Chance on a Hike

After I Walked

I took my walk in the woods earlier in the day, tracing one of the trails in the opposite direction from the one I usually go. This time I had downloaded a GPS app for my Iphone and used it to chart my distance and time.

The trail was about 1.7 miles or so. I was out for around 40 minutes, so my pace is certainly not what you would call "torrid."  However, there were numerous branches and trees to navigate and both uphill and downhill stretches--does one ever really just go down or up but not both?  And, at one point I got a little lost finding the proper "go around" where a large tree had fallen.

I took the same trail on Chance an hour or so later. We did it in a bit under 30 minutes with stops along the way for grazing. I'm not too fond of going that direction on horseback mostly because all the downhill slopes are steeper than the uphill ones.  So unless the footing is really good--not wet--as it was yesterday, it's not quite as safe.

Now, mind you, these are very short little hills, perhaps 10-20 feet long at the most. We are not talking mountains. Just enough to challenge the balance a little.  I suppose most people would say my area is "slopey" rather than "hilly" but is does make the terrain interesting for both walking and riding.

Friday, for some reason, my body needed a break. I ended up taking a LONG nap in the early afternoon. I didn't go out to walk until evening after a short shopping trip to get some more olive oil--ran out the other day.

I forgot to turn on the GPS even though I had it with me, but I figure we were out for about 30 minutes or so. I say "we" because Peppercorn the kitty came with me. I choose the middle length woods trail mostly to take a little break myself and also so as not to challenge my little furry friend too much--although he's probably fitter than I am!!

It was really fun having a companion on my journey except when he insisted in that catlike way of walking directly in front of my on the narrow part of the trail.  His natural pace was just a bit slower than I wanted to go, so I was often in danger of tripping over him.  Once I got in front, it was OK. Then he'd lag behind and suddenly gallop up alongside and pass me again to be in front.  Eventually, he tired of that game and trailed along behind. I stopped now and then to let him catch up, but that was just kind of fun.

I do have to admire his navigation of the fallen trees. Once he figured out I was making a detour around that would end me back on the main trail, he'd just go under the trunks or over them.

Ah, to be as agile and athletic as a cat!!

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  1. Sounds like a lot of good exercise for the day, you deserved a good nap! I'm sure in no time you'll be jumping or climbing over those fallen tree with Peppercorn!